Question from JbentjeX

Asked: 3 years ago

Chocobo condition (Health Nuts)?

So i have this maxed (silver) chocobo that does pretty well on the field, but once it reaches the Fal'Cie cup his condition is terrible and losing everything. I heard you could recover your chocobo's condition with health nuts (or something like that), but i have no idea where i can find/buy tem. so where are the nuts? and is there a different way for chocobo's to recover their condition?

Additional details - 3 years ago

Ok so "health nut" is an infused ability. how does it work? will your chocobo be immune to worsening of it's condition?

Accepted Answer

From: ssilver7 3 years ago

Health nut is an infusion ability that you get from a Microchu Level 24. You can otherwise use Chocobulls or Chocoboost to improve your condition.

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