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Best feral link?

Ehats the best feral link for increasing base drop rate of crystal.
Or in other words what monster has the highest possible synch percentage in their feral link. Ive heard its twilight odin.

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In the strategy guide it says whatever the percentage synch during your feral link, that will be what the crystal drop rate will increase by. So if drop rate is 5% and you synch to 300% in your feral link. You will have a 15% chance of the monster crystal dropping.

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I don't think that there is one. However there is a fragment skill that you can get by getting all of the fragments in the Vile Peaks areas (10 AF and 200 AF) that will increase the drop rate of crystals

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Master Sergeant Amodar (DLC) I was getting 350

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There is no easy answer to this, but i tend to get good precentage with the Golden Chocobo

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I seemed to increase my chances with Twilight Odin and Tonberry. But I could have just been luckier. Getting the fragment skill and a Durable Collectors Catalog should boost your chances.

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The pulse automaton Scutari from Archylte Steppe ??? AF can get %400 if you memorize its 'complex' Link.

I don't know if that's the absolute best, and you need to kill the target with other attacks during its Link because it's not end-game powerful. You still get credit as long as the attack is the lady one that hits.

Just send your controlled character on a full chain stack that will be fatal and press your Feral Link button.

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Cactaur goes up to 777%

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I have managed to get odin's feral link to 920% if you time it just as the sequence is appearing. It also helps that his ability will one shot most monsters and the stronger ones if you get their hp below about 40%

Amodar has the highest damage (99,999 on yomi), but his I've only got to 350%.

I think the more buttons in a feral sequence, the higher the percentage can be. * I have not tested this and it's not in the guide, just a personal observation.

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