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Academia 4XX Gate Seal issue?

I missed three fragments, so I used the Academia 4XX gate seal and started the area over. I went through and got the fragments from New Bodhum Unknown, went through A Dying World, and made it back to the Crux. I tried to select Academia 500, and it won't allow the option. I tried going back to A Dying World, and it wouldn't let me. I can't go any earlier than Academia 4XX, it's cut off. Academia 4XX is the only area I can enter, and there is nothing left to do in there. I can't open the second gate in there, because I don't have a Wild Artefact, and no way to go anywhere else to get more. Any suggestions on what I did wrong and how to fix it?

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ox0shadow0xo answered:

You have to re-open the gate to be able to go to other areas again. Just press RB again and you should be able to go around the historia crux normally again.
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