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Hey I have a Question?

My Question is the game short or long i just wonding because my friend said that the game is short. Is that true?

finalfantasy452 provided additional details:

And other one Question? Is normal mode easy or in the middle.

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RhapsodosXIII answered:

I had 102 hours gameplay after i got all achievements.
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IllusionsInc answered:

It can be long if you do all the side quests as you go along. I'm at 71+ hrs now and still have some things left to do that'll probably take me another 10+ hrs to complete.
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fenoex answered:

I've beaten the main story and only need about 15 fragments for 100% and i'm at about 50 hours, so it all depends on how you play. The main story if you ONLY do that, yeah it's kinda short.
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