Question from shroom25

Where do you find the watch that fell down the cliff?

On yaschas massiff ive heard where you see the ruins but im looking at it on 110 but cant find it


gamingrat answered:

Make sure that youre in the right area. It is at the end of the area where the searchlights are at, near where you have to take the service manual. Look into the gorge and you should see a box floating near the bottom of it.
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ivo_terek answered:

gamingrat is correct, and you have to throw the moogle into the gorge..
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Light4044 answered:

The box is in those places that gamingrat ivo-terek(srry iPods don't use that dash either that or I'm blind) said it would be at but don't waste ur time looking in yachass massif 1x af it is in 110 af I had this same prob it took me forever to figure out
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Light4044 answered:

Oh and if u don't see it 110 it's probably in 100af I got those mixed up a lot and when I was reading ur question I thought u said 10af srry
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