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How do I beat Caius in Void Beyond with Paradox Scope?

This is the last Paradox Ending I need, I've tried multiple times and I just can't beat him. Can someone give me good setups that will make the end result something I will like? Any help is appreciated.

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gamingrat answered:

This is the long answer, but it worked for me. I know what you mean because it took me forever to beat him. What you need is a strong Sentinal, I used the Silver Chocobo. If you can get him to learn Mediguard that will help a lot. What you need to do is to Wound him. This is the best counter for his eternal Regen ability. If you feel like a risk taker, try to Stager him then start to use Debuffs. All Debuffs do some wound damage, and the amount is increased when he is staggered. Just remember that he can get rid of his chain gauge whenever he wants. You might also want to try some basic enhancements to reduce the amount of damage. You need to keep up the wound strategy until he gets to 1/4 HP. You must stop there because his HP won;t go less then that. After that start to wear him out. After you get his health down to the bottom he will revive himself at full health, but due to the wound damage he will still be damaged. Just take it carefully and you should be able to beat him. If you can't beat him then go level up a bit and don't think you are too weak. The people who made this game should be ashamed of themselves for making a boss that not only can heal himself for almost more then you can damage him, but for making him able to break the stager gauge and not allowing you to cast Haste.
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