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Asked: 3 years ago

I still have two locations locked above and below the beginning of the timeline. how do I unlock them?

my question pretty much details the problem. the beginning coliseum has two locations by it. One below it and one above it. I don't know how to get to them.

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They are reserved for upcoming DLC, so there's nothing you can do with those locations for now.

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My assumption is that since the three locations are locked, one is part of the Coliseum line, one is part of the Serendipity line, and the last is part of the Valhalla line. Since the extra Coliseum slot is used for DLC battles, and I'm assuming the upcoming Sazh DLC is probably going to take up the other Serendipity slot, maybe, just maybe that last slot is post-story DLC that ties the game together.

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You are correct about the Coliseum batttles being one of the spots and Serendipity being another one because I have done both and fought and aquired Omega, Naabut, and Lightening and Amodor and even Completed everything about Sazh including winning back Sazh's son in the Poker games and even found all of Choco-boco-lina's chocobo chicks but even then I can find a way to the final segment above the Coliseum ??? AF either

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Final segment above Coliseum ??? AF is going to be for the new dlc regarding Lightning. Thus the answer to your question is those slots you cannot access are all DLC. Lightning's dlc is scheduled for late April-early May.

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