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What are the best paradigms for defeating Oerba 200 AF Caius Ballad?

Caius Ballad has been such a pain. Usually, I'm very close to beating him with my [Serah is first, Noel is second] Sabateur, Synergist, and Commando, Ravager paradigm. Once he uses Body and Soul and Giga-Gravatation, I'm pretty much screwed. (I also have Serah as a healer in one of my paradigm). And every time I fight him he seems to get harder. So what are goog, strategic paradigms for Caius?

VirtuallySkywar provided additional details:

Thanks for the answers. I just needed to level up.

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Ayla_Rain answered:

Along with a good paradigm pack, it may also be useful to level up your characters further as this will significantly help with your HP issue.

Though i don't know what monsters you have, a good sentinel (e.g. Pulse Knight) will help keep the damage down. But i think if someone could help you with a strategy that might be better :)
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gamingrat answered:

Before i can properly answer this i would need to know what monsters you have leveled up and what roles your characters have. Without that, i can't give you a good answer.
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