Question from Sinamoi

Where are good areas to find monster materials (mechanical) grade three and above?

Thank you very much for any help in advance.


gamingrat answered:

Im just going to list the Potent items, if you want the others send me an email. Potent engines(lv 3) can be found in Agusta Tower 300AF by killing Flanitors and Flanborgs and in the Bresha Ruins 300/100 AF by killing Munchkins. Potent Booster(lv4) can be found in Academia 500AF by killing Yeoman and Pantopodas. And Potent Generators(lv 5) can be found in Archylte Steppe by killing Vampires. Hope that helps.
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ivo_terek answered:

Potent orbs also come VERY easy at the Dying World 700 AF..
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