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Can anyone help me?

I need help beating Caius. When I get his health down to about 25% he goes crazy and keeps attacking me. I could not attack or heal before he hit me with the same move like two or three tims. I just need help really bad. I have tried everything.


Ayla_Rain answered:

Seeing as you haven't mentioned which Caius you are referring to... I would say best advice is always to go somewhere and level up like mad (Also level up your best monsters). I am sure that when you return to fight him again it will be far easier.
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gamingrat answered:

Using a good sentinal (probably one with Mediguard) helps a lot. Also use a sabutor and a seringest (i know about the spelling) to do statuses. Using Deprotect and Deshell help a lot when fighting him.
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Ishakaru answered:

I'm going to assume that it's the second time your fighting him. (In oerba on the rooftop amid flowers and such)

The part of the fight your getting beat at is where he gets a ton of buffs. The second he gets those buffs you need to switch to a sab role that has dispel. He won't go nuts if your fast enough.

Other wise you have to level high enough that you destroy him quickly. If you go that route the rest of the game will be a cake walk because you will be severely over leveled.
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rosariocapu2 answered:

the best way to defeat this guy is to always have a SAB and SYN in your paradigm and to use the [HORN] which gets rid of all buffs on everybody.

As you get rid of buffs on Caius the SYN will then emmediately start adding buffs on your party!

Paradigms that should always be used with fighting against him:
Relenless Assault
Combat Clinic [highly on final battle]
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ivo_terek answered:

When this part of the fight comes, I think the best choice is to use a SAB/SEN/MED, this way you can debuff him, heal yourself and minimize the damage to your party...
Then, as soon as you can, switch to COM/RAV/RAV to start his chain gauge, and then go quickly to SAB/RAV/RAV to stagger him, and go COM/COM/COM for the kill... If in the middle of any of this he manages to damage you too much, change to SAB/SEN/MED ASAP, give priority to heal yourself first... It is also recommendable that you have a lot of Potions and Wound Potions (if the damage isn't too high, you can use them to avoid losing that few seconds of changing paradigm...)
Hope this helps (:
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Light4044 answered:

( Attention this may have spoilers in it it is up to u to clarify it as spoilers I do not mean to spoil)Every time I fight him it is hard but here's the thing get leveled up have a COM/COM/MED MED/RAV/RAV SAB/MED/COM pardigim shifts I always use those but I recommend cloudburst be ur monster RAV twilight Odin be ur monster COM and I don't know about the monster MED all I gotta say is don't use a flanitore( or whatever that are called they are the really nasty flans that look like puke that are in Augusta tower) I do use one and it's HP is terrible and it is like hell worrying about them 24/7 the twilight Odin's HP is perfect but he is like really strong and helpful I hope this helps.
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