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Casino Slot - Triggering the "Bonus Flag"?

Can someone enlighten me what exactly is the pattern for the Bonus Flag? It was mentioned in the tutorial, but i don't actually know what i'm looking at... The Bonus flag i am mentioning is when 6 red lights started blinking on the side of the slot machine.

Light4044 asked for clarification:

Do you mean super victory mode cuz that the only one I herd of but yet those are 3 green lights if it's not super victory then it's victory but I might be able to help if I just knew which mode it is cuz I watched a tutorial to it never said anything about bonus flag one thing I need to kno are u trying to get the lucky coin fragment


nikolot222 answered:

To initiate victory mode/super victory mide you need to trigger the bonus flag and hope that you get 9/9/9 or the bars (cant think of the monsters name) unfortunatly i am haveing the same problem i have no idea what the bonus flag is.
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