Question from DarkDragooN92

How to get 10,000 coins in Chocobo Races?

OK I have been using a Black Chocobo.
His stats are:

Attack 788
HP 6426
Magic 840
RP 600

I got to win all the races in my Chocobo's racing span, but I always end up with around 8900 coins. Is 600 the max RP? I need some help getting those 10,000 coins so I can get the other 2 fragments I got left which are the Lucky Coin in the slots and full bestiary.

DarkDragooN92 provided additional details:

So the 10,000 coins fragment is Serendipitous. I guess they meant the Chocobo races are best for getting coins fast., not getting a fragment when you win the coins in the races. just win them in the casino lol... Well thanks a lot.

Accepted Answer

Ishakaru answered:

Lucky coin is 7777 coins from the slots. Chocobo races won't help you in any way shape or form other than to give you a solid base of coins to run the slots from. Just get in the slots tie a rubber band around your controller(L1 held down)and go to bed and wake to having the frag.

600 RP is the max. No clue why you need 10k coins in one go. I have all achievements and frags and I never got as many coins as you in one career.
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