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Is there a way to get 100% info on monsters everytime (not Librascope)?

Is there a way to garrentee you will get all information fron the monster you are fighting (a tick in the beastiary) every single time except from using a librascope so i can get all the rare spawning monsters the first time for the profeessor M fragment (all monsters with 100% information) it's the last thing i need to PLATINUM the game.


Mookiethebold answered:

First of all, you DO NOT need all the info to get the fragment to get the trophy. You only need to make sure every enemy has an entry in the bestiary. Again, checkmarks for all info are *not* necessary.

If you don't use a librascope, no, I do not believe you can get all info from every monster in just one encounter. Some of them, such as bosses, yes you can, because you only fight them once anyway (not counting time reversals), but the majority of enemies you will need to fight multiple times in order to get all of their info without librascopes.
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Ayla_Rain answered:

Thanks Mookie, i thought for ages that i needed to get the crystal for every monster...then i thought it was the 'tick's for every monster- Now i know the truth! All very confusing finishing such a long fragment quest :P
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Leonguard answered:

Mookie is right but there is an accessory that does help, it is "Grimoire Hat" & "durable Grimoire Hat". Both give the ability "Kill:Libra" which reveals a ton of information (all info for rare encounters) every time you kill the monster, there are also party monsters with this ability. So with this ability, killing a monster once will completely finish off its bestiary entry. You'll have 99 librascopes in no time! :)
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