Question from Ayla_Rain

Asked: 2 years ago

Did i really get the 'Secret Ending' ? (spoilers)

I have spent hours and hours (99 in total) completing all of the fragments for this game... So i was pretty excited to complete the fragments and after turning on my paradox scope i proceeded to re-play the final battles in Academia 500.

...What exactly was different? Apart from Caius sitting on Etro's throne speaking moodily about things for a few minutes- was that it? I even replayed Valhalla and saw nothing more.

Please tell me i missed something and theres a better ending than this? ;_;

Accepted Answer

From: gamingrat 2 years ago

Unfourtently you have seen it. I know how you feel. I spent hours and hours leveling up so that i could beat all of those different Caius's and getting every monster and every fragment, and all i get is the jerk sitting and talking. Biggest waste ever. It is things like this that make me not want to do all of the extra crap in the game.

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I can't believe that is it! We need to let the world know that it is all not worth the effort!

I mean, i didn't mind the fragment quests, and i enjoy completing a game usually... but if i had of known i would not of wasted so much time in serendipity on those stupid slots!

Thanks for letting me in on the unfortunate truth.

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