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How come I don't have all the gates open?

I have no idea I personally think it because that I rushed through a big part of the game until I bought it which was like when I was halfway through. I skyped entering a lot of the Colisuems and serendipity when I was at the 3 gates that are grey. Anyways I beat the game went to Valhalla and I opened 26 gates there are 9 gates I have not made it to yet there are 2 gates I can not enter anymore that are called the void beyond and 7 gates I can not enter anymore that don't have a name there are 35 gates in total not counting the small ones. And I have looked at all my gates not one can open another gate and I found all 10 wild artifacts I think. Can u please help me and I also nee help on finding fragments in these areas a dying world 700af,academia4xxaf,oerba400af,academia400af,archylte steppe ???,serendipity ??? I have 128/160 fragments.

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When it says skyped I meant skipped

Light4044 provided additional details:

Thnx that is really helpful I was do confused thnx a lot for the help this was just driving me crazy

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But hey wat about the 3 gates behind new bodhum 3af are those paradox endings or wat

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CatMuto answered:

If you really opened every gate possible to open via Wild Artifacts, the only locations you are still missing are the Paradox Ending locations. To get those you need to defeat certain bosses in certain locations with the Paradox Scope Fragment Skill activated - you obtain that skill by talking to the Mystic in the casino post-Game.

Dying World Fragments are all in square boxes found across the map. Academia AF 400 fragments are mostly 100% Explored Maps given to Miss Horizon, Academia AF 4XX is mostly Brain Blast and Captain Cryptic questions, Archylte Steppe AF ??? are you defeating the four boss monsters and the Casino ones involve the games or getting certain items in the Exchange list.
Check the FAQs for exact locations.

Also 8 Fragments come from Paradox Endings.

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CatMuto answered:

There are no 3 gates behind New Bodhum AF 3. Post-Game you'll unlock Valhalla AF ??? which allows you to replay the Prologue fights between Lightning and Caius. There are 3 gates to New Bodhum, though. One is AF 3, the other is New Bodhum AF 700 which is part of the story and New Bodhum AF ??? which belongs to the Paradox Ending "Beneath a Timless Sky".

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IllusionsInc answered:

The three gates behind New Bodhum are the downloadable content. There's a Colisseum which is getting a lot of things to fight now, another is a second Serendipity for Sazh's short story and the third issomething that is still not yet released.
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