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Silver Chocobo help?

Do i need to get the silver chocobo the very first time i visit Academia 4xx af? I dident find out about it untill after i already gave Hope and Alyssa the graviton cores and left. Do i need to seal the gate an do it again or am i screwed?

nikolot222 provided additional details:

Ok good i thought i missed it. And im guessing i need the "improved mog throw" to get the othe hidden monster cryatals like chichu ect as well?


CatMuto answered:

No you can return at any point (after finishing the Dying World) in the game and grab it, as long as you have the Improved Mog Throw activated, no need to re-seal the gate.

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Eggleman answered:

As stated above, throwing Mog with Imp. Moogle Throw into the green planet in the core of the building making sure he lands anywhere inside the green orb will suffice.
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