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How do I beat Ultros and Typhon. And also Gilgamesh?

What is the best way to defeat Ultros and Typhon and how to beat Gilgamesh? Equipment used party ect


MrFAQs answered:

the most i can remember is that you need Chichu, Cloudburst and Goblin Chieftain fully levelled to be able to beat Gilgamesh quickly and efficiently in 1 or 2 staggers, beyond that though, i cant help, sorry
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Lunarace answered:

Get a strong Syn Rav and Med
for Ultros and Typhon just go for Typhon because he will just keep reviving Ultros
But for Gilgamesh get a strong Sen Syn and Med
but these are all tips are my opinion so if these dont work for you then go to youtube for tips
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