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2 questions I've had for a while regarding role boosting items such as Blaster's Sapphire?

The following are a couple questions I've had for quite a while, but only recently felt the need to ask.
1: Does the bonus apply automatically to the party as a whole, regardless of who has the item equipped? For example, if Noel has a Defender's Topaz equipped, does the Sentinel Role Bonus only apply while he's a Sentinel, or would it also take effect while he's a different role, and another party member is a Sentinel? Or does it perhaps apply automatically regardless of the current roles of any party member?
2: If you equip both Serah and Noel with one copy of the same one, does the effect stack? Or is there no point in equipping them both with an Impeder's Opal, for example?

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Leonguard answered:

The role bonus accessories only apply to the character that has the item equipped and only while they are in said role. It does not stack and does not help other party members whatsoever, the same goes for the passive role bonuses obtained through the crysterium.

However, accessories that improve spoils(gil/items/weapons)/feral links/crystal drops do stack and are always active.
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CatMuto answered:

I'm not sure about the Role Bonus, but I do know that putting a Collector's Catalogue onto Sera and Noel does increase the Item Drop for both, as I noticed I got both weapons off of Immortal when wearing that item.

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