Question from darlus

What am I missing in my Beastiary?

I have double checked the list on this website twice and I don't see what I'm missing, but the old man still won't give me the fragment.

I have all the cactuars including giant cactuar, 3 versions of proto fal'cie adam, 8 different Caius.
I just don't see what I'm missing...

Does anyone have any ideas of what maybe I've missed or haven't done?

Accepted Answer

darlus answered:

Missing another Proto Fal Cie Adam. Turned off paradox scope and picked a wrong live trigger.
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CatMuto answered:

Well, it's pretty hard to know what you might be missing if you only give us about 2% of the entire list. But perhaps you are missing Geysric's Fist? The large monster blocking off a passage in Academia AF 400, uses a skill that gives him said fist. It doesn't appear in the list, but it counts, I suppose.

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