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Best monster to tame?

Can you advise me the best monster for all the class?


CatMuto answered:

Commando - Chichu (Archylte Steppe, AF ??? - throw Moogle into the patch of pink flowers south of the camp. Requires the advanced Moogle Throw)
XIII-2 Lightning (DLC)
Ravager - XIII Lightning (DLC)
Cloudburst (Archylte Steppe, AF ???)
Sentinel - Goblin Chieftain (Archylte Steppe, AF ???)

Those are the ones I know the best. Purple Chocobo is pretty good for Synergist, I'm not sure about Saboteur and Medic is fine with Cait Sith.

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gamingrat answered:

For Commando i would use either the Golden Chocobo or the FFXIII-2 Lightning. Only use Lightning if you have beaten the game once or watched the ending to the game.
For raveger i would use the FFXIII Lightniing that you fight in the coliseum
For Medic i would use the Green Chocobo, after feeding it the crystal of a Flanitor who has learned Esunada
For Sentinel, the Silver Chocobo works really well.
Not sure about the other two.
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