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Why does it say 9/11 fragments from Academia 4XX?

I've looked through the FAQ and I can't figure out why I only have 9/11 fragments from Academia. I'm still working on the beastiary. I have 149 Fragments Minus the 8 Paradox fragments I have the Beastiary, Yomi,and Lucky 7777's left. As far as I can see I only should have 1 left in Academia 4XX. What am I missing?

Does it have something to do with the fact that I only have 2/3 from new Bodhum 700? (could use help figuring out how to get that too!) Thanks

supermonkeyfish provided additional details:

Thank you. I miss spoke in my original question. I meant to say how do I get the third fragment in new bodhum -year unknown- I have vanilles and fangs but how do I get the last?


CatMuto answered:

One of the Fragments is the Transcipt for the Paradox Ending of Academia AF 4XX. As for two of New Bodhum AF 700's Fragments, it requires you to have the Paradox Scope activated.

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