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Beat the game (1st time) got almost all fragments, whats next?

I have 149 Fragments (I'm missing Yomi, Beastiary, and Lucky 7777's plus the 8 paradox fragments). Where should I start with this paradox scope thing? Do I just start closing gates and see what happens? After everytime I get a paradox fragment should I face Caius again for a new ending? I don't get what I'm supposed to do with the scope. Can someone please clear it up?

Accepted Answer

CatMuto answered:

Talk to the Mystique at the casino to get the Paradox Scope - turn it on under Fragment Skills. When turned on and facing certain battles, a message will flash about the Scope being activated. Winning those battles nets you the Paradox Ending.

No, you do not need to refight Caius for a new ending. Only do that once you have all 160 Fragments. Locations that involve Paradox Ending are Bresha AF 5, Oerba AF 200, Augusta AF 200, the Void Beyond where you fought Caius a few times (for this you'll need to seal Academia AF 4XX) and Sunless AF 300.

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