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How can I detemine monster's abilities properties like physical or magical?

I'm actually having a hard time determing this.
My key question is if every moster attack is either physical or magical? And what about attacks like Yomi's flametornado? can i exspect this to be fire elemental or not? It's not stated in the his libra, which is confusing most of the time anyway.
I play the german version and phrases like "devasting ice elemental attacks" or "implies powerful fire based attacks"
and so on don't seem very accuate to me at last...
I mean, does that mean its physical or magical?
Mabye its neither one of these? I'm really a little confused.
Would be happy if someone could make up some clarification. (:


destrian522 answered:

It can be hard to tell. Enemy info can give some information if it specifies an element or one specific damage type (physical or magical), but for the most part you have to either guess based on the name/animation, or try to test it out with damage resistance and Protect/Shell.

This doesn't even give the whole story, though. Some attacks ignore damage type defense so you can't even tell what type it is unless you could somehow observe the monster use it with Bravery or Faith and without Bravery or Faith.

You also could consult a guide. I'm not sure how in depth the Piggyback gets but Ultimania should have this info if you have access to it.

In the enemy notes that you mentioned, the fire and ice specific comments don't indicate a damage type. They only tell you the element.
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