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How do i beat snow?

OK snow is really making me mad!!!!! im at top level i have the best wepons i can get and armor and have lighting tryed diffrent stragidys and no go he kick my butt and i tryed my hardest and got him to stagger point and lunch him up in the air and hiting him but i notice his stageer dose not last long infact the bar gose really down fast plus he has a grip load of hp and once he reaches his max energy ur royal boned!!!!! instintly theres no way to doge it! it takes 99'999 damege thats it ur brown bread ur not cominf back its game over!!!! im mad some one has to know out there plzzz for crap sake help me kill him hahahaha

ARKONG provided additional details:

Hmmmmm not working provoke dose not inflict on him its just made it worse lol


destrian522 answered:

If you have different characters Provoke Snow, it will reduce his anger or whatever that is supposed to be when he changes target. You can stop him from using his special by doing this.

If the stagger bar is going down really fast, it is because you staggered when the duration of the chain was low. You can increase the chain duration by using Commando a bit more before staggering or by sticking some debuffs in the chaining process.
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Kooler2006 answered:

The easiest way is to have two people capable of provoking. This is easy because Serah and Noel both can do this. You only want one of them provoking at a time however. Say Noel provokes first. This will keep Snow focused on him while the others attack. Then when the 200% notification shows up, swap to Serah as Sentinel and repeat this at every 200% notification. Make sure to keep Imperil on Snow at all times. Defensive and Offensive buffs on your party are very handy as well.
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