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How do I beat Gillgamesh?

I cant remember how its spelled but can someone help? also any help on how to get noel and serahs final weapons?

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Can i also have some help beating the octo dude and PuPu to? i know its a lot but sadly the only FAQs are for the PS3 so

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Kooler2006 answered:

The weapons, Odinbolt and Odinblade, are acquired after collecting a chaos crystal and giving it to hope. then you choose one of the two weapons, and then you can purchase the one you did not choose in Serendipity for 750 coins(it's really cheap for as good as the weapon can be in the end)

As for Gilgamesh(taken from the guide):

Beating this fight with your usual party is near to impossible.
It has TONS of HP... so your best hope is to focus on Wound Damage
as jack birch (thanks) found out.

So... your must have in this fight is... a good sab!!!
Sabs arent really that useful in the game, but here you are gonna
need one.
Ide say your best bet would be Nabaat. But if you dont want
to buy her or cant beat her yet, you can try using Viking
(vile Peaks 200 AF) or either Black chocobo (Vile peak 010 AF),
Chelicerata (Oerba 200 AF and then Archylte Steppe after you beat it),
Necrosis (same as above but Yaschas Massif 010AF) or Dendrobium
(Breasha Ruins 005 AF).
You NEED a good Pain II for this.

You also need SAB levels on your characters as you will be using
SAB SAB SAB a lot.

You also need a SEN (doesnt matter which one as long as it has Fringeward
And SEN levels on your characters as you will also use Tortoise

SYN levels and a good SYN are also a good bet for this
as defensive buffs can help you staying on offensive.
So use an all purpose SYN such as Sazh and Purple Chocobo.
Or use a Gancanagh Ace (steppe).

RAv levels and Med levels are also required.

You can use this paradigm pack:

SAB SAB SAB (double paradigm so you can swap among them for
ATB refresh)

As in most fights where you need to use a lot of SABs, equipping
with ATB speed increase can benefit you in the fight.
Such as Indrajit, Romulus and Remus, Durable Magistral Crest
or Durable Kaiser Knuckles
And dont forget to have stocks of Wound Potion
Prepare yourself for a VEEEERY LONG BATTLE

Depending on how good your COM is, you can also try another strategy.
This would also require you to have a high lvl party.
You can use COM COM COM instead of SAB SAB SAB...
stagger and focus on doing major damage. He heals a lot...
but if your com is good you can do a lot more dmg then he can heal.
In order to do this you may want to swap a RAV in rav rav rav
for a SEN to avoid damage.
and have a SAB SAB setup so you can debuff him as well as buff
yourself when you stagger it for additional damage.
An upgraded Chichu is recommended for this fight.
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