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Help i do not know where to go next?

help i am stuck and do not know where to go nexted. I did the part where they got lost and was in that place that was the shadow of that place. I did not find any thing and i left. what do i do?

Hydrobuster provided additional details:

i am also trying to get to SUNLETH WATERSCAPE for the first time as well


CatMuto answered:

Getting to Sunless Waterscape AF 300 is quite easy. Remember picking up two Artefacts in Bresha Ruins AF 5? The second gate in the sewer area leads to Sunless Waterscape AF 300.

As for the Void Beyond bit, there really is nothing to get there except a treasure chest or two, then you just leave. However, storywise you will arrive in this area a few more times.

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