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Stuck in void. Can't reach main story. Must I restart?

okay so I'm stuck between these to gates(?). One being "The Void Beyond - Year Unknown- and another called Locked Location -Year Unknown-.

I've collected things in both placed but there isn't any there there for me to do and I can't get back to the main story. the Locked Location was just a closed door and and The Void Beyond has this pillar in the way. I thought Maybe I could go to the Historia Crux and push R1 but they aren't even giving me the option.

Is my only option to restart the game?

On a side note in the main story I think I technically only completed part 1 of episode 3

KoushakuX provided additional details:

I've been searching high and low on the internet for anwers. Some people are mentioning a "moogle throw" ???? I don't have this ability.


Externica answered:

No, you have to do some storyline events at the void beyond. Better check a FAQ to see what you need to do. It has been a while since I was there.
There isn't much, but there are a few scenes at the void, before Serah and Noel find a way back to the Historia Crux.

After completing a half of the third episode, you're send to the Void Beyond. So don't worry about it.

I believe there's also the Coliseum? Visit that place as well. I believe you need to visit all three places.
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