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Silver chocobo racing points?

everywhere i see people say once you enter a maxed level silver chocobo into races that's the last time it can race once retired it cant be re-registered but Ive entered it into the races over a dozen times all at lvl 45 the first time i used all its its RP then registered it for more races it had 600rp again then i retired it at 320rp then i re entered it into races and it once again had 600rp? the same goes for my Goldie choco why do people keep saying that's not possible when it clearly is i have 3 theory's 1: everyone doing those guides are liers(least likely)
2: my systems glitched (more likely then the first theory) 3: i haven't downloaded the latest patch that made re using silver and gold chocobos impossible (most likely) can anyone elaborate ?

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Uhm... no?
The game tells you: It can race as long as the Chocobo has RP. Once they have all been used, you have to retire the bird.
The game also straight tells you, that you can register any retired chocobo again and it will start with Full RP. So does the Chocobo Race guide on gamefaqs.
The only thing you have to do is to unlock every cups again, because they are not carried over.

That's no secret, really.
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