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Asked: 2 years ago

How do I beat that giant cactus?

I keep getting destroyed by it and it keeps randomly appearing i cant beat it i need help

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The Gigantuars? Use a SEN monster, so that it becomes the general target for 1000 Needles, then use Fireattacks to stagger it. It should go down before it even goes into stagger.


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Maxed out silver chocobo makes this fight incredibly easy as well as most other story related fights. Racer chocobo or otherwise. If you don't want to ruin your chocobo any other Sentinel monster will do fine.(as catmuto said)

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Best way to beat gigantuar is to use MED/RAV/SEN, RAV/RAV/SEN & COM/COM/COM

Noel - COM, MED & RAV
Serah - COM, RAV & RAV (Currently have higher magic than noel)
Goblin Chieftan - SEN & SEN (currently the best sentinal i've use so far)
Munchkin - COM (only have 3 ATB Gauge, but have over 500 STR when max out)

Tactic - Use RAV/RAV/SEN to stagger the gigantuar as fast as possible and after it stagger, switch to COM/COM/COM to deal high damage to it. If any party member have low health, switch to MED/RAV/SEN to heal.

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