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Asked: 1 year ago

Any good lightning builds?

I have my ravager lightning max level and taught her the following spells:

Blizzara and Blizzaga from Lv 15 Cryohedron
Thundara from Lv 1 Circuitron
Firaga from Lv 15 Bomb
Aeroga from Lv 15 Tempest
Aerora and Fira from Lv 30 Pink Lily which also taught Chain Bonus Boost II

I wanted to infuse a Lv 24 Tonberry to get Strength + 35% and Magic + 35% but does that mean i'll inherit Ally KO Power Surge? Cause that's totally useless for me...

Does anyone have a build that includes ALL ravager spells she doesn't already have (listed above), Chain Bonus Boost II, Strength +35% and Magic +35%?

Thanks in advance :)

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I believe the information you seek is on this other thread I stumbled across. The link is below:

Hope that helps.

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