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Asked: 2 years ago

Live Trigger Rewards and Gate Seals?

I was wondering if once you use a gate seal and then re-open an area, can you seal it again and again if you wanted to play through it a couple times incase you wanted to perfect the Live Trigger rewards and whatnot? or is it opened permanently once again after you seal and re-open it?

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From: Undying_Will 2 years ago

Nothing in this game is missable you can redo the triggers over and over again as much as you want.

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Not every Live Trigger can be re-performed.

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You can shut the gate to preserve the original timeline you played before you complete the gate again -- I think that's the Right Trigger button.

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You can seal an area, and then also un-seal it if you want (meaning you did a mistake) without playing through it. But you do need the appropriate gate seal first ofcourse.

All the story parts and EVERY live-action can be replayed as well as all the live trigger rewards gained.
The important thing to get an monster adornment is to actually do all of the LT's without skipping any cutscenes... some of them are also "hidden" for example in Bresha ruins there are 2 rooms you can explore that activate a LT with Noel thtat are easily missable.

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There is one missable one in Archyite Steppe ???

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