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Asked: 2 years ago

Eternal crystals?

I received eternal crystals for having a ff13 save file on my hard drive. What exactly are they for.

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From: Leonguard 2 years ago

The eternal crystal gives a small bonus to slot machines. That is all! And it's for the pride of knowing you played the first one :)

It actually helped with the fragment to win 7,777 coins from slots! Took me about an hour and a half and my friend (who didn't have it) gave up after 3 hours. I would've too

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I readit's supposed to give you better odd's at winning from Slot Machines

From: darkstar7646 1

It also technically gives you the first Lightning "theme" for your XMB PS3 homepage (and probably equivalent for the XBox as well). There appear to be other "hidden" bonuses.

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It does both -- there may be others as well.

For the XBox, that's probably a theme for your XBox main menu or something to that effect.

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For the Xbox 360, it gives you the Lightning Gamer Picture. It is not the Eternal Crystal though. Having the game save file of FFXIII gives you the Eternal Crystal and the Gamer Picture.

-Above information valid for Xbox 360 only. I do not have a PS3

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