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Asked: 2 years ago

What does this Chaos Crystal do?

Yeah, I was playing around in Serendipity and was able to get the Chaos Crystal.... what is it for?

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From: rincewind1990 2 years ago

in academia 4xxAF you can give it to hope to get a weapon that gets more powerful depending on how many fragments you have.

You choose between one for noel and one for sarah but you can buy the one you didn't get from hope from Serendipity.

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Odinbolt and Odinblade are available after giving the Chaos Crystal to Hope. You'll be asked to choose one in exchange for the crystal. The other can be found in Serendipity for 750 coins, which is pretty cheap, considering that these two weapons are the strongest weapons in the game, when you have all 160 fragments. I'm only talking stats of course, bonuses on some other weapons make them reasonably equal.

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