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Asked: 2 years ago

Where can I find Bamapama and mimi?

I know they both spawn in Acadamia 500 AF but ive been running around for hours and havnt found either one. Do they spawn on a certain square or do I need to do something special? these are the last two I need for my bestiary please help.

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I found them near the end. and you do need to be on one of the stationary platforms, if not you will get the mini Orions and they suck

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There are two spots that I found them with relatively constant spawns. There is a long platform on the east side of the map in the middle with a treasure orb at the bottom, running around that lower platform seems to have a high spawn rate, with the encounter rate up from skill seems like every lap around the bottom one would spawn. There are also a few treasure platforms on either side almost near the end that you have to jump to on which they seem to spawn.

On a side note if you let Mimi stay alive too long he'll start summoning another monster, seems like with just him its the madaggar (sp?) but with all the bamapama he spawns either a proto behemoth or Xlotxl (the woodwraith).

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I found loads of them on the south-east platform.

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