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Asked: 2 years ago

How do I solve (Gigantuar)?

I cannot find the third Cactuar statue that prompts the third Gigantuar in Archylte Steppe. Anyone?

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I don't currently have the game loaded but what i did was just play with the weather, each time i changed it ran back out and explored the area, the lake has 2 i believe and I think in order for the Green statues to appear you need the red ones that teleport you back to the village. Anyways, just play with the weather and explore the map, each of them requires moogle hunt. I hope this helps

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Well, first we would need to know which of the two out of three Cactuar Statues you've found.

There's one surrounded by a bunch of cactus' on the plains I believe and there are two on the clear water marshes.
One of the two on the clear water marsh needs the weather to be stormy ( lightning ) for it to appear.

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There are two red teleportation statues in the marsh, but I haven't found a second summon statue there.

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