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Asked: 2 years ago

Having trouble finding Dre?adnought...

I've been all over Vile peaks 010 and even 200 with encounter master set to more and battlemania on. Never ran into a dreadnought. Am i missong something?

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I am looking for him also - so i eagerly await an answer to this!

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With the skills [more enemies] and [attract tougher foes] it shouldn't take that long to find this guy, but if you are having trouble i would suggest that you run the full length of the map several times and be patient.

after doing this method i ran into the dreadnought more than 10x and managed to get a blk chocobo in the process along with yakshini.

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If you have Battlemania AND Encounter Master both activated. He should be in Vile Peaks 010AF (the path you can only get across in this time frame) i caught up with him at the end of the top path JUST BEFORE you jump back down to ground level. Hopefully you guys find him! :)

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I'd hang around the enclosed tunnel area at the beginning.
That's where I ran into him and Black Chocobo pretty frequently.

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Vile peaks -010AF-

Head north and there'll be a tower where you can you left and right before descend to the place where you'll have to fight twilight odin, but before the tower, there'll be a route that is near to the shape "U". Go back and forth along the "U"-shaped route (With one of your fragments skills, i think it's battlemania, set to more enemies)

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