Question from CatMuto

Asked: 2 years ago

Academia's Final Percent?

I've walked through Academia AF 4XX so often that I have the map memorized and I am still missing a single point to get the 100% needed for the Travel Guide: Academia Fragment.
I know that I need Academia AF 500 at 100% to get it, which I already have, but I am missing a tiny piece.

Don't tell me that piece is in Academia AF 400 ... I hate that place.


Additional details - 2 years ago

I'm pretty sure I went into every possible shop, nook and cranny while looking for Cryptic and the enlargement of the map doesn't help. Nothing looks dark and I even double walked the parts of the city that are beneath the displayed map parts. Everything looks the same...


Additional details - 2 years ago

I found it. It was a tiny piece of a shop that didn't look darkened out until I literally shoved my face against the TV Screen. Maybe I should follow my plan in getting a huge TV for games only ...


Accepted Answer

From: Mookiethebold 2 years ago

In Aca 4XX AF there are various shops all around the city that you can enter, so chances are you're missing one of those. Look at the map and enlarge it as much as you can to carefully look everything over to see if you can spot a tiny area that's still dark and that should be the spot you need. If nothing looks dark then you may just have to roam the entire city looking for these places the hard way.

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