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Asked: 2 years ago

How do I solve stage 4 of crystal clock on yaschas massif 100af?

I have looked all over the Internet for the puzzle I cannot beat and I spent 2 hours trying to beat it. I cannot beat it so can anyone help, it's different than all the others.
1 at one oclock, 4 at two o'clock, 1 at three o'clock, 4 at four o'clock, 4 at five o'clock, 6 or 9(looks like a light purple 9)at six o'clock, 3 at seven, 5 at eight, 4 at nine, 5 at ten, 4 at eleven, and 4 at twelve.
Please help

Additional details - 2 years ago

Its the Crystal Clock, not the Crystal Monster Puzzle thing.

Additional details - 2 years ago

The Link is not able to be found D:

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Use and input all the numbers, starting from 12 o' clock and going clockwise. Below you'll see a picture of your puzzle, a point of start and arrows pointing which way for you to go.


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I know. That's what the link goes for. It's not the Connecting the Crystal trials, it's the Hands of Time.
Go use the link and input the numbers. It does the calculating for you.


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Here is a link I know it in Japanese(I think) but just scroll down there will be boxes and it goes from the first number it will be numbered zero then u go clockwise but I think it tells u that in English I know I use it all the time it is extremely helpful

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