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                  OOOOOO    OOOOO.  .OOOOO     OOOOOOOOOOOO
                .OOOOOO    .OOOOO    .OOOOO ..OOOOOOOOOOO.
                :OOOOO.    .OOOO.     .OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.
               .OOOOO.    .OOOOO    ,OOOOOOOOOOOO.,OOOO
               OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO          .OOOO.   OOOOO
               OOOOOOOOOOOOOO             OOOOO  .OOOOO
             .OOOOOOOOOOOOOO:             OOOOO..OOOOOO
           .OOOOOOOOO  OOOOO              .OOOOO OOOOO.
          OOOOO.OOOOOOOOOOO.               .OOOOOOOOOO
          ..     OOOOOOOOOO.                OOOOOOOOO.
                  OOOOOOOOO.                .OOOOOO
                   .OOOOOOOOOO,          .OOOOOOOOO
                    .OOO   . .OOOOOOOOOOOO..    ,OOO
                    .OO.                         OOO.
                    .O,                           .O:

-----------------------------ANARCHY REIGNS------------------------------------
------------------------------MAX ANARCHY--------------------------------------
Table of Contents

Character Strategy / Combo List.........[0000]
Combo Key...............................[2222]
Starting Out and Random information.....[q102]

   BIG BULL.............................[d102]
   GARGOYLE / GARUDA....................[j102]
   RIN RIN / FEI / AI...................[m102]

Stage List and basic strategy...........[>102]
   Altambra Central Square..............[3AB0]
   The Dive.............................[3AB1]
   Oil Rig..............................[3AB2]
   Oinkie's Casino......................[3AB3]
   Chaodiansi Temple Street.............[3AB4]
   Hong Long Downtown...................[3AB5]
   Bari Shur............................[3AB6]
   Abandoned Mine.......................[3AB7]

Items and what they do..................[<102]
   Sniper Rifle.........................[1337]
   Fire Grenade.........................[FIR3]
   Missile Launcher.....................[QU@D]
   Satellite Laser......................[B3@M]
   Supercharged Trap....................[LTRC]
   Team Summit..........................[SAV3]
   Carpet Bombing.......................[B0MB]
   Cage Match...........................[C@G3]

Ability List............................[*102]
   Lean Extender........................[2AA2]
   Charge Attacker......................[2AA3]
   Spin Master..........................[2AA5]
   Guard Master.........................[2AA6]
   Judo Master..........................[2AA8]
   Takedown Defense.....................[2AA9]
   Master Evader........................[2AB1]
   Rampage Marauder.....................[2AB2]
   Rampage Master.......................[2AB3]
   Herculean Effort.....................[2AB4]
   Rifle Enthusiast.....................[2AB6]
   Cage Match Enthusiast................[2AB7]
   Stealth Master.......................[2AB8]
   Shield Master........................[2AB9]
   Healing Factor.......................[2AC1]
   Hard Charger.........................[2AC2]
   Rapid Respawner......................[2AC3]
   Power Leveler........................[2AC4]

Random Trigger Events...................[^102]
   Carpet Bombing.......................[5YU2]
   Black Hole...........................[5YU3]
   Rampaging Vehicle....................[5YU4]
   Microwave Satellite Array............[5YU5]
   Cargo Plane Crash....................[5YUZ]
   OA System............................[5YUF]
   SLBM Missile Launch..................[5YU6]
   Poison Gas...........................[5YU7]
   Helicopter Drone.....................[5YU$]
   Incoming Item........................[5DU1]
   Cybrid Joe...........................[5DU2]
   Killseeker Item Man..................[5YU8]
   Flying Platforms.....................[5YU9]
   Super Mutant.........................[5YT3]
   Berserker Mutant.....................[5YT4]
   Electrical Storm.....................[5YT5]
   Bayside Bridge Bombing...............[5YT6]
   Jamming Drone........................[5YT7]
   Power Failure........................[5YT8]
   Enlightenment Array..................[5YT9]
   Dragon Flamethrower..................[5YT^]
   Landmass Reconfiguration.............[5YP1]
   Oil Rig Fire.........................[5YP@]
   The Drones...........................[5YP4]
   Cargo Transport......................[RS49]

   Legal Stuff..........................[s102]


Some universal information you should know before starting!   [q102]

- Press circle as soon as the grab animation starts you break grabs. DON'T
PRESS ANYTHING ELSE WHILE YOU DO THIS! For EX: You can't R1+O to break grabs,
if you are guarding and you get grabbed---immediately release guard and press

- Everyone except bull can W-LKWx3 or 4. All it takes is a jab to open someone
up, all new players should learn this first and go from there, learning to bait
360's with this basic tool.

- Never get up attack. If you get knocked on the ground from an enemies attack,
immediately start pressing Guard to get-up quickly with your characters roll /
dodge animation. This prevents your enemy from immediately following up with
something. This is a very integral part of gameplay and new players should start
doing this second nature immediately!

- Attacking a 360 with a light or heavy attack will stun you 100% of the time.
Don't attack 360 hit-boxes. Very important. 360 attacks have priority equal to
charge HKW's. It's a bit ridiculous but the only way to punish them properly
is to wait until the hit-box is gone, and lay into them before they can do

- Shield strength is dictated by character weight. Light characters have the
weakest guards in the game. (Durga, Rins, Bayonetta, Leo, Mathilda). Medium
characters have the second most durable shield with heavyweight characters
possessing the most powerful defensive options without ability add-ons.

- HP regeneration is shared between all but 3 characters. The only 3 characters
that have faster HP regeneration are Max, Fei, and Ai Rin. Everyone else has
the exact same rate of healing. 

- Most Medium and Light characters have super armor on their HKW variations
and their guard breaks (charge heavy). Standing has less than a charge, but can
still eat a few jabs. Charge HKW's will eat a LOT of jabs. ANY type of heavy
attack breaks ANY super armor.

- In big modes, keep an eye on the item slot machines. These are game changers
and in a lot of cases, free kills if you know how to use them properly. The 
lighter shade the item slot, the closer it is to activating. So if you take a
look really quick and you see that the picture is very dim, they won't be
activating any time soon. If the pictures are bright, they are about to
activate or are extremely close to activating. Stick close to grab an item!

- Heavy characters have super armor on just about everything. LKW's, HKW's,
Dash animations, jabs, etc etc. This is why they get stunned more than any
other character. This also makes them some of the most dangerous!

- Air attacks have the highest priority. They can't be stunned and in the
actual event that you clash with someone, you have a very large window to
follow up. The risk is there, though. You CAN get juggled when you start your
jump. Be very careful jumping on whim unless you know you are safe. Never jump
against someone with lean extender on. You will get juggled out of your jump
before you can do anything.

- Glitch HKW'ing is performed by pressing air LKW (L2+Square or LT+X) and then
immediately releasing it and holding triangle or (Y) for 360 players. Doesn't
consume meter. Very obvious when done correctly.

- Basic jab sets (W-W-W-W) do guard damage. Most people don't realize this and
often times won't dodge it. I tested it with Oinkie, against a Leo's Guard.
TWO jab sets broke his guard. That's all it takes! Guards are actually very
fragile things but the online plays tricks on the guard animations (hit confirm
AND break) constantly. If you see an enemies guard shatter, but nothing
happened, this is a common occurence and their guard DIDN'T ACTUALLY break.
It was just lag.

- All HKW animations have a chance of glitching out in some small way, or a
large way. Be it damage, character animation, etc etc. Sometimes it will appear
that you didn't actually catch somebody with it.

- Everyones aHKW has a TON of lingering frame data, to the point where well
after the move is in cool-down it will damage you and or stun you. If you want
to punish these you need to either use a KW cinematic or a spaced KW of some
sort. A regular jab or heavy will stun you 100% of the time. A punish that
isn't done properly, will actually TRADE DAMAGE with the aHKW your opponent
did. Punish with caution.

- All characters now share two loops that can be performed by twitch canceling,
through jabs and through basic heavy launchers. I left bulls in there because
he needs something to pretty up his section and give people ideas.

- For those who don't know, you can actually KW cancel jump and do other stuff
besides AA cancel. It's much harder than basic canceling but once you get it
down.. It's a lot of fun messing with. For instance, Oinkie can't usually jump
out of a jab and into an aLKW. With this technique, he can. It's performed by
doing the same input as an AA cancel, just pressing Square (X for 360)
IMMEDIATELY after the AA cancel. Instead, you will do an air weak and you can
follow up with whatever you want. W-W-W-(C)aW-aW-W-W-W(C)-aW-aW etc etc.

- All female characters and the Garbots can AA out of a lean without any extra
button input. Just lean -> jumping heavy. Males have to use the AA cancel tech
and bull can't do it at all for use in mid-combo.

- Some modes allow you to level up when you kill enemies. They are essentially
kill streak rewards, leveling up is a key part of the online and can actually
save you if you are about to die since it refills your HP completely. You start
the match Lv1 and you reach Lv2 at a 2 kill streak and Lv3 (Max level) at a 5
kill streak. At Lv3 you gain access to your characters ELEMENT. Your element
becomes your best friend once you know how to use it properly. All LKW strings
end in an elemental attack of that particular character, so. LKWx3 with Garuda,
when the third LKW hits, will FREEZE your opponent since Garuda is ICE element.
This forces them to mash out to try and survive the follow up. With power
leveler, you reach Lv2 at 1 kill and Lv3 at 3 kills, one of the most powerful
abilities hands down in the hands of a skilled player. Charge HKW (2)'s also
afflict each characters specific element. Note: Cutscenes can't afflict your
enemy with an element!

COMBO KEY            [2222]

W = Weak attack
H = Heavy attack
aW = Air weak
LKW = Weak killer weapon
HKW = Heavy killer weapon
aLKW(c) = Air weak killer weapon (cancel, very late input)
aHKW = Air heavy killer weapon
*W = Delayed Weak attack
*H = Delayed heavy attack
AA = Anti Air (rising heavy)
DA = Dash Attack
KWG= Killer Weapon Glitch (aLKW, release KW, hold triangle)
AAc= Anti Air Cancel
TC = Twitch Cancel
GC = Guard Cancel
JC = Jump Cancel

Jack Cayman      (a102)
Combo List


H-H-AAc-aW-aW-H-H            (LOOP)







H-W(TC)-H-W(TC)       (LOOP)


Guard Pressure
W-W-W-W            (Deceptively safe, breaks guards if they are staggering)

W-*W(TC)-W-W-W-H   (general mixup, TWITCH CANCEL)

W-*W-H(TC)-W-W-W   (Twitch heavy ender, tight input)

W-W-W-H            (Safe on Guard)

W-*W-H             (Safe on Guard, but very easy to see coming)

aLKW               (generally safe on guard, hard to punish)

W-W-W-*W(TC)-W-*W  (very safe, delay swurves and catches people off guard)

W-*W-LKW           (Unsafe if LKW misses on guard. CAUTION.)

Jack is all about his ground game and being able to efficiently juggle someone.
He has a fantastic lean and has 3 KW cinematics in total. This gives him high
damage combos with very short strings. If you aren't constantly doing something
with jack, you're playing him wrong. You need to be all over your opponent,
smacking their guard constantly. His delay weak is deceptive and fast. Focus on
whittling them down and launch when you see an opening. I highly recommend the
basic: H-AA-aW-aW-H-AA-aHKW for lots of quick damage. Very rarely will you have
a connection where somebody gets out of his aHKW. If you do, LKWx4 instead.
Bait 360's with W-W-W-LKWx2, 3rd LKW launches so they either have to break
between first and second hit or eat the entire LKWx4. His guard break is
terrible and slow but it DOES have some super armor. Mix up the timing of
Jack's delay heavy to guard pressure all day long. Never mash it out--people
will roll it and you won't get that desired guard damage.

All of his heavy combo enders are generally unsafe, especially delay heavy. It
has range but it's really easy to see coming and dodge leaving you with the
horrible cooldown.

Moveset Analysis
Standing Jab - Nothing special here, but it comes out EXTREMELY fast.

Lean - One of the better leans in the game, lot's of range and it comes out
really fast. Rivals barons, zero's, and oinkies lean attacks.

Wx4 - Standard jab set, final hit does decent guard damage but is
punishable--use at your own risk. Actually a surprisingly good mix-up for
guard pressure. Locks people down for guard break if their shield is heavily

W-H - Standard string, EXTREMELY unsafe but does guard damage.

Wx2-H - Possible team combo tool as the H bounces your enemy but isn't useful
in 1v1 scenario. Can't follow up with anything.

Wx3-H - Pretty fast sweeping backhand. Safe on guard and adds extra hitstun on
connect to HP bar. (Stagger effect)

W-*W-H - Delay into heavy shift, the *W is definitely the high point here as
it hooks around and catches people off guard while being difficult to fight
against and punish. The heavy finisher is extremely telegraphed and easy to
punish because Jack pulls himself back and then steps forward for the hitbox
to come out. On hit it sends your opponent flying with the possibility of
them screwing up the tech roll since it's a "low knockback" move. 

Guard Breaks - Jack kneels down and tackles upon release, really slow but has
super armor so it's a good trap for more aggressive players who rely strictly
on jabbing.

AA - One of the best anti airs, true i-frames and it comes out REALLY
fast. Take advantage of the i-frames, going up this move is extremely safe,
air jab on the way down for extra safety if you're empty AA'ing.

Falling H - Completely useless aside from team combo hard knockdowns. Team
co-ordination required.

H - Launching attack, sets up for combos of varying degree. Decent range
and pretty fast coming out. Easily stunned, use with caution.

H-H - Forced hard knockdown with cancellable properties. Jack can anti air
cancel out of it or cancel into leans for follow-ups. Strict timing.

H-W-H - Good mix-up if someone is playing defensive but be careful on the H
as its highly punishable. Has good tracking to help the issue. H-W can also
be cut short and stringed into other moves as seen in the combo section.

LKWx4 - Standard ground LKW string, 3rd hit launches. 3rd and 4th hits do the
majority of damage. Jab into it for 360 baits or launch for combos. 

Air LKWx4 - Standard air LKW's, combos into itself and can be canceled upon
landing on the ground to follow up with a Lean. Large hitboxes and good guard
damage as well. Good for stunning aggressive players.

Air HKW - Standard cutscene move, glitches out in lag for less damage.

Ground HKW - Standard ground cutscene, instant guard break and prone to glitch
damage in lag.

Charge HKW's - Slow charge speeds with really mediocre range.

Recommended Abilities
Lean Extender: This is jacks bread and butter ability. This affords him the
mobility he needed so desperately. There are very few things faster than a
Jack with Lean Extender so if you need to call a tactical retreat, Lean away! 

Power Leveler: It works on everybody, added meter and life bar will help Jack
but his element is neigh useless. Also loses the ability to chase with this.

If you are fighting an overly aggressive player, start air jabbing. Start
jumping and throwing a random aLKW. It has very high priority, like all air
attacks. More often than not they will either 1. Eat Damage or 2. Get stunned
for even more free damage. This comes with its own risk because you can be
jabbed out of a jump. You need to have space in-between your opponent and
yourself to attempt this. Don't just jump in front of them, you'll get
punished for it.

Jack's defense is terrible. You have NO options once people get in your face
and start pressuring you. The only thing you can hope for is for them to mess
up and give you an opening to start your flurry. Watch your opponent carefully.

AA canceling and Twitch Canceling benefit Jack greatly. They allow him to AA
out of a jab and into a juggle for massive damage. If you are an aspiring Jack
main I strongly recommend learning advanced techniques. He doesn't get any
fantastic H mixups like baron, zero, or durga but the ability to string weaks
into more weaks and AAC / TC the few options he does have helps him immensely.

Jack's ground LKW string is very slow and flashy, rarely attack someones shield
with it. More often than not they will sidestep and jab / stun you. One
noteworthy mention is the 2nd and 3rd hit have BACKWARD hitboxes, meaning if
they roll behind you and jab, they will either get stunned or eat some damage.
Useful for trickery. Not recommended fighting against skilled players.

One of the best Anti Airs that will eat through active aHKW frames--good for
punishing people who like throwing desperate air HKW's.

Fire Element.

Blacker Baron    (b102)
Combo List








W-W-H(TC)-W-W-H(TC)   (LOOP)




Guard Pressure



aW x any number amount (extremely safe)






Baron is a fantastic character with a lot of options. He relies on his delayed
W for pressure and amazing tracking capabilities, make good use of it but don't
OVER-USE it. People can break it during the flurry and you won't be able to
guard in time. Use aLKW or aHKW for punishes on 360 attackers. Try and avoid
360'ing with baron as much as possible, it is very easy to punish. It comes
out rather quickly but it has a LOT of cool-down. Use LKW pokes for quick
damage and baiting. Baron is another character that excels in the air and at
range. Once you start air jabbing he can actually land 5 jabs on HP and keep
the combo going. Back dodge to put space between you and your opponent.
aLKW back into your opponent for pressure, commence flurry of jabs, LKW poking.
Baron has 2 cinematics in total, aHKW and HKW. Guard break is actually
a counter trap that regenerates a small amount of HP if your enemy hits you.
It's a move worth incorporating into your playstyle to make people think
before they start button mashing. It's completely safe aside cutscene HKW's
and grabs. Grabs are a given but be careful over-using it. People will catch
on and act accordingly. 

Incorporating cancels baron has some of the best pressure in the game period
with a massive amount of options. All of his heavy combo finishers have
cancel-options and the potential to be infinitely useful and dangerous.

Moveset Analysis
Lean - One of the best leans in the game with the highest priority. Rivaling
zero, jacks and oinkie's jab sets easily. 

W-H - Standard combo string here, H does guard damage. Can twitch into Leans
and other combo strings for more extreme pressure options.

Wx2-H - Possibly barons most versatile ground combo, you can follow up with
LKWx4, jump cancel, twitch cancel, anti air cancel, basically do anything out
of this nifty little string. Decent tracking but without cancels it has a fair
amount of cooldown.

Wx3-H - Launches your opponent. Under normal circumstances it's not useful.
With cancels you can loop your opponent or Lean into an Anti Air cancel for a
quick air HKW or more devious shenanigans.

W-*W-H - The giggity punch. One of the best moves anyone possesses. It's pure
wall of hitbox and priority. Side-steppers be damned, here. Can cancel into
more techniques or LKW's after the *W. H portion isn't follow-uppable but can
combo on guard if it's staggered (where they are almost about to break).

H - Standard launcher, mediocre range. Decent speed. Fast enough to twitch into.

H-H - Basic string with a finishing punch, good range but very unsafe. 

H-W-H - Actually a surprisingly good guard pressure move, baron backflips to
safety if the final H connects on guard. Otherwise he falls flat and is very
open to punishment.

Anti Air - A little slow on startup but otherwise comes out with a fast hitbox
to combo into anything of your choice. Seemingly moderate amount of i-frames.

Charge H - Baron curls up and activates a counter stance. If your opponent
attacks baron restores health. A stronger attack restores MORE health to
baron. Can't tank cutscenes attacks. (HKW, Grabs)

air W - Extremely safe, basic air jab. Hits multiple times.

Falling H - Extremely unsafe, advanced team combo utility. Baron does a falling
headbutt and caudses hard knockdown.

LKwx4 - Basic ground string, 3rd hit causes stagger and is akin to starting a
juggle state. They can't 360 after the 3rd hit so always do the 4th. 4th hit
causes fire status at Lv3. Neigh impossible to follow up with without lean
extender or a wall nearby to cut the distance though.

air LKW - Pretty basic dive here with moderate damage. Can be canceled at the
right distance / falling position to follow up with lean / more shenanigans
with cancels or juggling options. Also combos into itself. EX: Dive(c)-Dive.

air HKW - Basic air cutscene, does less damage on almost any connection due to
netcode issues.

HKW - Ground cutscene, does extreme damage in even a little bit of lag. Varying
results, worst case scenario it does the amount of damage it should which is
still fair.

Charge HKW's - Pretty basic charges, not much change, low damage. Useful for
killstealing or scare tactics. Even then, other characters outclass his charges
pretty easily.

Recommended Abilities
Charge Attacker: Baron gets the most unique use out of Charge Attacker. His
moveset on his combo heavy finishers actually CHANGES. Most of the time they
get an extra hit or a small variation in animation. Fantastic pressure
addition to what he already has.

Lean Extender: The same reason Jack uses it, it affords Baron mobility and
lets his lean really shine. Baron actually has one of the best Leans period,
not for distance but for priority--you will very rarely beat a Baron at

Power Leveler: This lets Baron burn meter like nothing--turns him into quite
the dangerous opponent when he doesn't have to worry about having 4 full meter
for a basic combo or wasting a meter for aLKW pressure. Very useful. You
sacrifice mobility for survivability and offense with Power Leveler.

Killjoy: HKW cutscene will one-shot anyone at Lv2 or below thanks to added lag
damage, and in extreme cases people at Lv3. If you don't feel like playing
fair this ability is for you.

aLKW can glitch out in extreme lag and do double damage.

Baron's charged HKW is underwhelming and should only be used against jab-happy
opponents or for finishing someone off that is getting juggled by a team-mate.

Baron is one of the most feared characters in the game because of a glitch with
the netcode and his ground HKW cinematic. In even a little bit of lag, this
move will OHKO you, or nearly. Tires / poles are a baron's best friend. You
have been warned.

His dash attack is terrible. It has no redeeming qualities whatsoever besides
good guard damage. Even then, you will likely get punished for trying it.

As listed above, baron has sexy combos. He doesn't need cancels but they do
give him new options. That said, good barons are few in number. He gets a bad
name for glitch abuse but is still an incredibly solid character without his
ground HKW.

Some of the best Jab priority in the game, Baron does NOT get stunned easily
using his jab attacks / flurries. In fact, out of my 1000+ AR hours I'd say
not once have I ever been stunned through his delay. It CAN clash though. His
delayed weak is just pure priority. People will start playing incredibly
space-y if they find you pressuring them too difficult. They'll avoid the delay
at any cost--including back dodging constantly to get them out of reach. If you
find they are out of reach, just don't follow up with anything! I should note
the tracking is also fan-freaking-tastic. Useful for pesky side-steppers who
think you left an opening. Flurries one weakness is it can lose its tracking
leaving you completely open. Back-dodges mess with the tracking ability so
keep that in mind if you're fighting a light character.

Fire Element.

Mathilda       (c102)
Combo List


W-aW-aW-W-aW-aW                     (GROUND LOOP)


H-*W-H-AA-aW-aW-H-*W-H-AA-aW-aW     (LOOP)

(Holding Guard)W-H                  (REQ charge attacker, small charge, LOOP)



W-H-LKWx2-Charge HKW(1)


Guard Pressure







Charge HKW shenanigans

Guard Break

Mathilda has to rely on her jab game and the fact she has fantastic guard
pressure. She should use scare tactics with her charge HKW, baiting people into
jabs and releasing for massive damage if they fall for it. If they go on
defense, just cancel and resume the skirmish. Her charge HKW is the fastest in
the game hands down, she can actually legitimately combo into it. Add in
natural jump cancel ability off lean attack--it makes for some deadly offense.
She isn't an easy character to play by any means but she does have the tools
to shine in a with the right mindset and a capable skillset. She's a lot like
other characters with jab focused metas, she has to stay on the offensive. Her
defense is absolutely horrid. Unlike Baron, Oinkie, and Jack, Mathilda has a
weaker Guard, and less HP. She has to play better-smarter-faster than any your
opponent to be successful. With that out of the way--her juggles really make
her shine. She has many capable loops and is extremely dangerous once you
really take the time to learn her. Focus on dodging and not guarding. 

Moveset Analysis

Standing Jab - Deceptively fast. 

Lean - Not as good as standing jab, has range but gets mathilda stunned
consistently in many different situations.

W-H - One of mathildas bread and butter strings, with charge attacker on
it's literally her best tool. Without charge attacker it's cancellable into
raw launcher to start one of her insane juggles for massive damage.

W-H-H - Generally unsafe combo ender. No use at all. 

W-W-H - Comboable into cancels for varying uses. W-H is a better option.

W-W-H-H - Generally unsafe combo ender. No use at all.

W-W-W-H - Intended basic guard pressure string, No real use or cancel ability.

W-W-W-W-H - Speaks for itself.

W-*W-H - Standard shift combo ender, can break guards but its very predictable
and easy to dodge. Use with caution.

Guard Break - Really fast and minimal cooldown. Second version of the charge
has insane range and is fast, but has a lot of cooldown. Use the first charge
for safet, the second charge if you know you can get away with it.

Anti Air - Moderate amount of i-frames, starts up slow, jumps high. Useful for
punishing whiffed air HKW's.

Falling H - Completely useless outside of advanced team combo utility.

Air weak - Decent speed and range, the fact mathilda jumps so high works
against her in this aspect though. Not worth incorporating outside of combos
that specifically call for it.

H - Standard Launcher. Fast, can catch people off guard.

H-H - Good for combo mixups incorporating cancels, otherwise completely

H-*H - Completely useless. 

H-W - Fast relaunch, comboable but no real option that mathilda doesn't cover
with other of her many options.

H-*W-H - Initial part of Mathildas bread and butter combos. Extremely useful.

LKWx4 - Standard LKW ground string, 3rd hit drops in lag because of a bounce

Ground HKW - Slow, non cutscene. Knocks opponent away. Not useful.

air LKWx4 - Decent air LKW series with good range / speed.

air HKW - Hits hard with lots of lingering frames, like everybody elses. 

Charge HKW series - Probably two of mathildas best tools, her charges are
literally the fastest in the game so they can be put to a lot of good use.
Stealing kills, scare tactics. Good range and legitimately good travel

Recommended Abilities
Charge Attacker: Mathilda makes the best use of this hands down. She becomes
extremely dangerous with it equipped. She can Juggle-Combo off a W-(c)H-LKWx4
While it doesn't sound super amazing, it's novelty and reliability does not
wear off-plain and simple. It is ALWAYS useful. Add in the fact she can start
her ridiculous loops from it.

Power Leveler: Use this if you don't like charge attacker, you get your HP bar
that females need so desparately and your element at Lv3.

Killjoy: Mathilda has the fastest HKW charge in the game. Killjoy likes that.
Her ground KWH will 1-shot light characters with an active killjoy buff. Her
ability doesn't lay in the fact she can one shot though, it's the fact she can
put it to faster use than any other character. Solid damage. 

Try not to LEAN too much, her standing jab is much more safe. Her lean is kind
of slow and gets stunned often due to its hitbox not actually coming out until
near the end of the attack.

Fastest Charge HKW's in the game--lot's of range and active super armor. V2 is
a cutscene if you catch someone with it and they are close enough. 

Some of the best / most versatile looping ability, this makes her extremely
dangerous in the hands of a player capabable of landing them.

LKWx4 drops inside juggles in lag on the third hit, this has to do with the
fact that it bounces them, and isn't actually another "launcher" hit. Nikolai
has the same exact issue. 

Decent guard break (2) that is fast and can be used for crossing the heliport
in Altambra, lot's of cool down so it's not practical for normal fighting use.

Benefits greatly from twitch cancels, gives her a LOT of new options for guard
pressure because it cuts the cooldown on all her heavies. Consider learning
advanced techniques.

Big Bull       (d102)
Combo List
W-W(TC)W-W(TC)                  (GROUND LOOP, 360 TO BREAK)

AA-LKWx2(GC)-LKWx2(GC)-W-W-*W   (Very strict window for LKWx2 after AA)

aW-W-W-DA                       (Extend with cancels)




LKWx2(gc)-LKWx2(gc)-W-W-DA      (Extend with cancels)

H(TC)-H(TC)                     (LOOP)

W-W(TC)-W-W                     (LOOP)


Guard Pressure



aW-Guard Break




Guard Break

Playing Bull is 50% being patient as you need to anticipate what your opponent
will do and the other 50% is being as aggressive as possible. Remember you are
a huge target, it's hard not to notice a giant mechanical bull running around,
so most attacks, even if you think you dodged them will hit you anyway just
because. Never be meter conservative while playing Bull, LKW cancels are his
pressure BNB's. You need to be using them constantly. Bull's safest option is
W-W hands down, you will spend the majority of any skirmish trying to get jabs
off. Bull takes a risk everytime he does anything so you have to keep that in
mind. Delayed W is good for creating space but it IS highly punishable if you
miss the guard connect. LKWx2 is your lifeblood and your main source of damage
outside of jab pokes and dash attacks. Learn to punish 360's with it and you
are on your way to playing an excellent Bull. The main problem here is that
Bull can't give anyone a reason to 360 off the bat. He can't do anything
insane off jabs like the rest of the cast.

Recommended Abilities
Lean Extender: This is THE bull ability, it gives him insane mobility and the
room to actually punish people from distance. 

Killjoy: Ability to 1-shot pesky light characters with charge HKW(1). Bull
doesn't exactly NEED Lean Extenders mobility and entrance when you can just
sneak up on people.

Stealth Master: Bull gets use out of this straight away because if he isn't
being targeted, he's a massive threat. You have to play item-go-round but it's
worth it to keep heat off yourself and support team-mates with his amazing
LKW juggles, oh, and Super-Hammer kill stealing.

Charge HKW(1) has a huge invisible hitbox that extends well in front of the
initial move. Useful for catching people off guard and when paired with
killjoy, the range you get is absolutedeadly and WILL catch people off guard. 

Dive Kick and Dash Attack are your mobility options if you opt to not use
Lean Extender, it's a little bit slower but you will still be able to outrun
rampagers with EASE doing this. 

LKWx3 is a juggle in itself, and can be canceled at the 1 or 2 stage, as SOON
as your hammer connects press Guard and the cooldown will automatically cancel
leaving you to juggle your opponent with a few weak attacks or dash attack.

Highly recommended learning Twitch Cancelling with bull, gives him the ability
to force someone into a 360 attack and actually play him at a dangerous level
outside of your opponents user error.

Big Bull's combos are all pro level and doing them online is near impossible
consistently. Lag his is friend and sometimes gives him the H-W-LKWX2 set-up.

Unique Anti-Air that can start a juggle.

Good guard break move. The first charge is very safe and hard to punish. Dive
characters can stun him out of it though.

Fire Element.

Leo           (e102)
Combo List


H-W-AA-aKWL(c)-H-W-AA-aHKW      (LOOP)






Guard Pressure







Leo is super juggle character with high damage BNB's. Delay weak mind-games all
day long, use your fast jabs to advantage. Dash Attack does lots of guard
damage. His heavy strings are less than optimal--only use them if you are are
confident it will connect on guard for push-back. Otherwise they will punish
you. Try and walk a fine line between being in your opponents face, and
playing mind-games with your delay cancel / dash attacks. He has a fast LKW
string that can combo straight off W-W-W to force 360's and give you
opportunities for juggles, like most characters.

His four piece ground LKW launches on 3rd hit so they have to 360 break you
somewhere inbetween the 1-2. He mainly relies on his BNB for chunks of good
damage and killing people off. H-W-AA-aLKW(c)-H-W-AA-aHKW or
H-W-AA-aW-aW-H-W-AA-aHKW work like a charm. The cancel takes practice, but it's
worth implementing if you get good at it. Your guard will break like nothing--
this is why you have a cartwheel. Use it to your utmost advantage. Light dodges
are the BEST dodges. Don't let an opponent beat on your guard, if someone is
pressuring you. Back flip away to get out of reach to try and find an opening.

Recommended Abilities
Lean Extender: Leo doesn't need much extra mobility but Lean Extender affords
him extra offensive pressure from a distance he was sorely lacking. Leo rocks
one of the fastest leans in the game as well. Very useful.

Power Leveler: Leo is a light character. His HP bar is horrid. Power Leveler
fixes that if you are good enough to get 3 kills it also unlocks his element
which isn't INSANELY useful, but can be put to good use with the right tools
even against a character of the same element.

Terrible Guard break

Charge HKW(1) is extremely unremarkable, so much that I feel the need to make
a note about it. It's one saving grace is that it recovers rather quickly.
Aspiring Leos: NEVER USE THIS. On the other hand, Charge HKW(2) does solid
damage AND electrocutes if you are Lv3. Very useful. Lightning element is the
most common, but it's free damage follow-up regardless.

Delayed weak has armor and will eat a few jabs. You CAN get stunned out of it
though, anything KW related or heavy-attack related will also knock you out of
it. Don't rely on it too much as people will start counter attacking as soon
as they see you pull back for a cancel, or the full delay.

Good jab priority, weak shield.

Lightning Element

Nikolai        (f102)
Combo List







H-AA-aW-aW-H-W-W-AAc-aLKWx2-aHKW glitch

Guard Pressure






Nikolai is basically a better version of Jack. You need to screw around with
your opponents head. Nikolai needs to be in your face constantly. The
difference between him and jack is Nikolai can put space between himself and
his opponent very quickly via delay cancelling, and the fact Nikolai can
shatter guards SO much easier. No other character can put as much distance
between you and your opponent, off a jab, as fast as Nikolai. Delay cancel
all day long and work your way back in with dash attack. Fantastic shield
pressure. Don't do any heavy combo enders unless you are ready to break
someones guard. They are very easily punishable. Play conservatively and
punish 360's with ground HKW or juggles. Ground LKW string is very very slow
and drops inside lag for absolutely no reason. Refrain from excessive use. He
relies on high damage juggles for killing off opponents. Highly recommend
learning H-AA-aW-aW-H-AA-aHKW. Same combo as Jack. This will be your lifeblood.

Recommended Abilities
Lean Extender: Mobility plus battle ability = best ability for Nikolai. His
lean is already fantastic and is one of the more stun-happy moves in the game.

Destroyer: Second best option after LE, destroyer benefits Nikolai quite a bit
simply because his playstyle incorporates lots heavy-attack use. Which in then
reap destroyers combo bonus.

Charge Attacker: H-(c)H forces hard knockdown and can actually start a juggle
immediately, plus, a small charged dash attack will break a light characters
guard nearly instantly.

Nikolai is another medium-weight character that benefits greatly from canceling
techniques, the difference is Nikolai has trouble canceling into AA because
it's just plain slow. Still, highly recommended learning the techniques if you
want to play Nikolai at a high level, otherwise he won't be able to keep up
with characters like Douglas, Zero, or the Rin Sisters.

Nikolai has one of the fastest dash attacks in the game and it is actually
fantastic at breaking guards. (*W-DA)

Punish overly aggressive players with aLKWx2 when you delay cancel for room
and they rush back in with jabs.

Guard Break has excellent tracking and lingering frame data in lag.

Cinematic KW's glitch out consistently in 2- bars.
(aHKW, ground HKW, Charge HKW2)

Lightning Element

Sasha          (g102)
Combo List






Guard Pressure





W-LKWx1 or 2

Sasha has many useful tools at her disposal. First off she, like all the
female characters Gargoyle and Garuda, she can jump cancel off her lean attack.
Unlike Mathilda and the robots, Lean Extender doesn't take that ability away.
Which is why it's the ability of choice for Sasha. If you catch an opening with
a lean attack, there are a few options you can do. You can cancel the lean into
AA, then aKWH. You can cancel into aKWL x2 then aKWH. You can cancel into aW
then aKWH. Yet another option is too cancel the hit confirmed lean into AA then
follow with aW-aW then proceed with a BnB. Cancel the lean attack into aW, aW,
aW then as you land, continue with her weak jab string. If done correctly they
will be unable to escape string attack string and you can hammer them with
some KWs on the ground. Sasha's ground killer weapon string is one of the
weakest next to Durga's, however even though the last hit of her KW string
does very little damage, she makes up for that last weak hit by putting her
opponent in a hard knockdown state. Sasha is a very solid character though a
bit weak physically. She makes up for it by being a fast character with some
really good combos. She must be played smart and carefully.

Recommended Abilites
Lean Extender: Mobility with the addition of the option to naturally jump
cancel out of lean into more options makes this ability go-to for Sasha.

Power Leveler: Strictly because she is Ice element, which is the best hands
down because of it's uncommon affiliation + immediate combo potential.

Sasha's dash attack is very useful tool IF used correctly. The move itself
covers the least ground out of the all the dash attacks and has a lengthy
recover. But it is one of the fastest ones, up there with Nikolai's and
Douglas' though no where near as safe as Douglas'. The dash attack is fast
enough to be used to shut some pressure down and really good against delay
attacks. It is also good at breaking guards. Use sparingly though, as it
can be punished and your opponent WILL catch on.

Hard Knockdown on LKWx4 lets you follow up with jabs online, or even a W-AA to
start another combo.

Fully charged HKW can be steered if not targeting someone, useful for get-ups.

Ground HKW goes through walls and structures, good for sneak attacks.

Guard Break is useless.

Can't properly juggle LKWx4 unless against a wall because her LKW hits
multiple times.

Ice Element

Zero       (h102)
Combo List





aLKWx3-aW-W-W-W-*W-H-AAc-aHKW  (Req 3 bar of meter, not 4)




W-W-W-AAc-aW-W-*W-H-AAc-aW-W-*W-H-AAc-aLKWx2-aKWH glitch

Guard Pressure






Zero is amazing. He excels at everything he does. Guard Breaking. High damage
combos. A reliable 360 attack. Delay heavy into LKWx4 all day long. People
catch on eventually, so use the heavy sparingly as it IS punishable. Get in
peoples face with dash attack and W-W-W-*W-DA mix-ups. If you see their guard
about to break, try and finish it off with something like W-H or W-W-W-H.

Recommended Abilities
Lean Extender: One of the few characters that can change direction in the
middle of their lean, with LE on you can basically do a full circle if you are
fast enough. This lets him turn corners very quickly, coupled with his Dash
Attack zero can cover distance faster than almost every other character.

Charge Attacker: A charged delay heavy mixup from Zero is extremely useful,
adding in charge variations from W-W-W-(CHARGE)DA or W-(CHARGE)H make charge
attacker really shine on Zero, guard masters will have trouble with a Zero
using this perk.

Power Leveler: Poison Ability and Zero's natural combo ability make PL an
obvious choice for any good Zero player!

Spin Master: Zero already rocks one of the most useful 360's in the game
because he goes upward when he does it, letting rampaging players or someone
who is trying to HKW you go under him.

KWH-KWH combos because of lag, it is possible to get out but more often than
not, you will get caught by it. Zero also boasts the air KWH glitch, and
another semi-unique glitch where you LKWx1 and mash triangle to get a ground
HKW immediately without any start-up. You will probably get hate for using it
so, fair warning.

Insane combo potential, only furthered by cancels and an amazing move-set.

Ridiculous guard break potential with insane lunge+reach on delay heavy and
dash attack.

Dash Attack combo's into W which and then in turn combo into AAc or LKWx4.

Poison Element

Durga        (i102)
Combo List






W-W-W-*W-H-LKWx4 (b) until H





Guard Pressure




LKW pokes


W (non-lean)

Durga boasts one of the best killer weapons in the game simply because of the
fact it has range. You can play durga at range or up close. He excels at both.
You can play LKW games with people and try and stun someone closing in on you
with a dash attack or lean extender. Try not to waste all your meter though.
Durga's BNB relies on having 4 meter at your disposal. W-*W-H-LKWx4. High
damage, very fast. Delay heavy is a difficult move to deal with itself because
it has lingering frame data due to lag, if you jab you will either get stunned
or clash with it. If you see someones guard about to break , try and throw out
a LKW to keep it hurt and finish off with a heavy combo. If you manage to catch
someones 360 / stun / guard break someone throw out one of his high damage
juggles. I recommend H-AA-aW-aW-H-AA-aLKWx1-aHKW for simplicity factor but
more experienced players will find: H-H-AA-aW-aW-H-H-AA-aLKW-aHKW to their
liking. It does more, but it comes with a greater risk. Durga's lean is
fantastic and his standing jab is also superb, it comes out FASTER than his
lean so you are more likely to hit someone first if you are in a trade battle.
Keep that in mind. Durga has very low HP and Guard HP so it is recommended
playing as slippery as possible, don't let them hit your guard.

Recommended Abilities
Destroyer: Amazing combo potential only gets even better with a damage bonus
backing it up. 

Lean Extender: Super mobility.

Power Leveler: If you want Durga to take more hits, gain his element faster
and take advantage of a larger KW meter--this ability is for you. Increase
survivability and gives you more KW meter to play with. Durga needs access
to KW meter constantly.

Dash Attack has lingering frame data, if they try and jab from the front it
will likely stun your opponent.

Delay Heavy has extreme lag properties making normal punishing extremely
difficult. Never punch a Durga's delay heavy--you'll either get stunned
or get launched anyway. The move itself has a heavy "ghost" effect. If you
want to deal with this move, air LKW's work, as well as dives.

Durga doesn't need cancels but they can give him that extra OOMPH during his
combos. Not that he needs it with ridiculous combos like H-AA-aLKW-aHKW.
A 4 hit combo that does 60-65%. Almost as cruel as Bayonetta.

LKWx3 can combo into Lean at certain range, in lag, up close.

Don't dash attack too much, it is very punishable. Use it for guard breaking
if you see someones shield hurting already. EX: W-W-DA or W-*W-DA

Don't LKW in someones face, you might get stunned out of it.

Charge HKW's are good for sniping kills in big modes, however, 1v1 situations
they aren't useful at all.

LKW string does more damage up close as opposed to doing it from range. Last
hit (4th LKW) will hit multiple times up close resulting in significantly
more overall damage. (Around 10% extra at Lv1)

Fire Element

Unique property on first variation of charge HKW, first and second charges
both activate element at Lv3. Only character that it happens to.

Garuda / Gargoyle   (j102)
Combo List




W-AA-HKW           (Lag with gargoyle, works with Garuda everytime)





Guard Pressure

(Gargoyle) aLKW





Garuda and Gargoyle share the same basic move-set. The only differences lay in
their Killer Weapon attack variations. Basic play-style will be the same, with
minor differences in defense / amount of aggressive activity. Garuda has to
play more defensive and really bide his time compared to Gargoyle. They
should focus on their fantastic guard pressure options while still being very
wary of possible counter-attacks. They possess one of the best delay attacks in
the game simply because of how much they hook around and how much guard damage
it actually does on connect. They break guards, it's literally that simple.
Dash attack is their tool of choice--you can throw it out on whim and not worry
much about it being punished. Unless your opponent can see it coming-it's not
easily punishable. It combo's off itself too which is a HUGE bonus--it's
actually a very integral part of their game-play. Definitely the best DA in
the game hands down. Stay away from using their leans as it WILL get you
stunned against characters with faster jabs (almost everyone has faster jabs.)
Their heavy combo enders are decent if you can twitch cancel. W-W-H can combo
into LKWx3 if you TC the H. If you DO have to jab just make sure it's a proper
opening. Constantly relying on their super armor is a given. If your opponent
is button mash-y, use your H launcher frequently. It will eat their jabs and
start a launcher for a massive combo. If you find that you can't get room for
a launcher Dash Attack to create space between you and your opponent. Charge
grab or DA into crowds to catch people off guard for high damage. 

Recommended Abilities
Power Leveler: Best ability for the Garbots hands down, they become uber-tanks
and get their element from which they have the ability to use VERY easily.
Garuda is probably the single most dangerous character a Lv3. 

Charge Attacker: Charged dash attack is deceptive and will shatter guards
like nothing. Makes their already fantastic guard pressure---even better.

Killjoy(GARGOYLE): Killjoy shines on gargoyle as well. Dive will pack more
punch, your KWH will 1-shot light characters and charge KWH projectile will
do a LOT of damage. For a projectile and how safe you are when you use it
at a distance, it's a fantastic option. Doubles as an electrocution if Lv3.

Killjoy doesn't work on garuda because all his KWH's are multi-hits and the
buff itself only adds to ONE of the hits. Barely a difference in damage. The
best usage with killjoy on Garuda is the grab and while it does pack a punch,
grabbing is extremely unreliable and as a whole--not worth abandoning power
leveler for.

Like douglas, Garbots possess Super Armor on almost everything, including jabs.
The issue with their LEAN is it takes forever to come out--it gets stunned
VERY often. If you have to jab, use standing neutral and if you have to LEAN
make sure that there is an opening.

Natural Jump Cancel ability off lean, leading to their best BNB combos. Don't
go wild with this because people will start breaking you the moment you jab
them. No one wants that. Be smart about it's usage and you will be extremely
dangerous. Un-predictability is half the battle in Anarchy Reigns.

Both characters share a ground KWLx3 that does massive damage. There are a few
small differences between the seemingly similar moves. Garuda can hold backward
on his KWL's to prevent excessive lunge. This is good for tracking enemies and
is more safe than naturally just going KWL1-2-3. Garuda's KWL's also seem a bit
faster than gargoyles. Gargoyle wins this comparison hands down for one reason
though. After the 2nd KWL, gargoyle forces your opponent on the ground for a
stagger effect. This stagger effect is UNBREAKABLE!---meaning Gargoyle's
KWL1-(2-3) is not possible to get out of. You have to break him before KWL1 or
after KWL1.

Garuda's HKW is a guaranteed 10 hit combo bonus if you land it on something.
Useful for point modes where you can farm points off Chutulu, Kraken, or
Mutants. This also means that it hits multiple times on guard--often going
STRAIGHT THROUGH a guard and into your opponents HP bar. This move is also
extremely useful for team combo'ing as it's basically a 10 hit juggle in-place
so your team-mates can combo off it easily. Garuda's HKW can also be turned
in-place if you aren't locked on to someone. Can be useful for trickery.
Gargoyles HKW is just one solid hit with quite a bit of lunge for big damage.
Not as useful.

Garuda's aLKW is neigh useless. One notable thing about it is it CAN glitch
into aHKW and combo if you connect. Not recommended. On the other hand,
Gargoyle rocks one of the best aLKW's in the game. Literally the ONLY dive
that has tracking (will home in on your opponent.) Add in the fact it does
ludicrous amounts of guard damage-aLKW is gargoyle's pressure / punish staple.
If your opponent fails to see it coming, you will very likely get combo'd into
another aLKW since it forces a knockdown that happens VERY quickly. If you
get someone with it and see they didn't tech roll--do another aLKW immediately
it will connect. It's cruel, but efficient.

Garuda - Ice Element 

Gargoyle - Lightning Element

Oinkie      (k102)
Combo List


W-W-H(TC)-W-*W-AAc-W-W-H(TC)-W     (LOOP)






W-W-W-*W-W                   (LOOP, don't hold guard)


H-W-W-*W-H(TC)-W-*W-H(TC)    (LOOP)

W-*W-H(TC)-W-*W-H(TC)        (LOOP)

Guard Pressure






Oinkie is a ground based character. He has no super juggles or easy-mode
combos like Durga or Zero. You have to play smarter than everybody. That being
said, he isn't BAD by any means, he just has less tools overall to work with.
Theoretically, the second oinkie touches an opponent, he can force someone to
360 attack. The problem with that basic W-*W-... loop is that is doesn't
always work online. Lag comes into play, people will get their shield up. You
can't rely on it. Use his delay often as its one of the fastest in the game
and VERY hard to punish. Combo delay into LKWx2 or LKWx1 for 360 baiting. W-
into dash attacks for guard pressure. Don't use dash attack by itself, it has
too much start up. Always COMBO into it. It doubles as a space builder as well
if they dodge it, you get space in-between you and your opponent. Oinkie is
all mind-games and pokes. Punish 360's with either aLKW or ground HKW. Depends
on who you're fighting and what you have time for.

Recommended Abilities
Destroyer: The amount of jabs he focuses on while getting into any given
skirmish makes this ability shine. His heavies are mostly terrible so boosting
his basic offense is a good idea for this character, but not the best choice.

Lean Extender: Mobility plus extra options for closing in on someone.

Power Leveler: Survivability and Poison Element off of your basic LKW-which is
deceptively fast. Very useful. EX: H-W-LKWx3-Hold L2 for KW run-KWH dash.
Alternatively the non cutscene version of charge V2 CAN poison, but you have
be pretty far away distance or hit your opponent while they were jumping.

Killjoy: Oinkie also makes fantastic use of Killjoy with the ability to one
shot all of the light cast with just a standard HKW. It's also worth noting
he is the only character in the game that can run with his KW out--it's
basically a mutant run and makes a fantastic combo when paired with this
ability. Very good for surprise attacks and blindsides, especially considering
the HKW tackle comes out EXTREMELY fast.

Stealth Master: Inivisible Oinkie is one of the more dangerous characters in
the game due to his incredible charge HKW's.

Oinkie benefits greatly from AA canceling and Twitch Canceling. It gives him
the ability to combo into anti air or basic heavy launcher, neither of which
he has without the techs. In turn, easier, more efficient ways for guaranteed
BNB damage. Not much else. Highly recommended learning cancel techniques to
play Oinkie at a high level.

Oinkie's heavies are mostly useless. His guard break(2) is terrible and has
too much cooldown. W-H is decent at finishing someones guard off as it's quick
and has reach. W-W-H has too much cooldown to follow up without twitch
canceling and W-W-W-H has too much cool-down period. Use delayed weak-heavy
VERY sparingly, it does incredible guard damage but it has a LOT of start up
and it's very easy to be stunned out of.

Unique Anti air that is unpunishable on guard, the only risk using this move is
jumping for the start-up.

Very fast LKW1-2

Scare tactics with Charge HKW is good for putting people on the defensive or
baiting them into jabs. Anything but jabs and air jabs will break your super
armor, still. Very useful. Treat it like a proper counter and it will be good
to you.

Poison Element

Douglas   (l102)
Combo List
aW-aW-aW-aW-aW-aW   (Ground LOOP, enemy must 360 break)










H-W(TC)-H-W(TC)-H-W-LKWx3     (LOOP just don't LKW)

*W-AAc-anything air wise.

W-W-H-AAc-anything air wise.

Guard Pressure






W-*W-DA  (Will instantly break anyones guard if you catch them with *W and DA

Douglas excels at overwhelming offense and shutting people down, period. His
dash attack is one of the best in the game and it actually has legitimate
I-frames. Abuse it. Douglas breaks guards like nothing and has some of the
best combo potential in the game thanks to his aLKW being able to combo into
and out of itself. When you are grid-locked with someone, NEVER start jabbing
randomly. Douglas will get stunned out of his jabs, they are the only less than
average thing about him. When you have a clear opening--punish with W-W-H-LKWx3.
Experienced players will break you on W-W to avoid eating the massive damage
combo. Bait for it! This is one of the easiest douglas combo's but its
usefulness and reliability go unmatched. If you need to break someone's
guard, Dash Attack and make sure it connected--then W-H. This will break any
weight class' guard instantly. Be cautious throwing out heavies on whim though.

Recommended Abilities

Charge Attacker: Charged DA is the meanest non-KW attack in the game, not to
mention the mind games involved in super armor charge launchers. Very

Killjoy: With the HKW cinematic you can one shot light / medium characters who
are Lv1. Absolutely insane. 

Dash Attack has actual I-frames in the middle of it, this move is incredibly
difficult to fight against. If someone won't stop jab pressuring you? Dash
attack. Dash Attack for pressure, dash attack for mix-ups. Dash attack into
dash attacks. This move is THE douglas move. It's the single safest thing he
can do.

Douglas has super armor on almost everything. Including jabs, his jabs are
highly unsafe and not recommended unless you spot a guaranteed connect.

Best aLKW in the game that recovers almost instantly, with the ability to
LOOP built into itself.

Incredible guard pressure with *W and DA follow-ups / mind-games.

LKW ground string that hits twice per move, so this makes super-long juggles
kind of difficult with Douglas since the game has a built in knock-back system
during juggles. Douglas excels at high damage, fast combos.

Fire Element

Rin Rin / Fei Rin / Ai Rin   (m102)
Combo List

H-H-aW-W-W-W-aLKW           (x2 RR)

H-*H-aHKW                   (Rin Rin specific, guaranteed aHKW)


W-aLKW                      (x2 RR)

H-*W-W-W-AA-aLKW            (x2 for Rin Rin)

W-W-W-AA-aHKW               (Fei always, Rin Rin in lag)

H-*W(TC)-H-*W(TC)           (LOOP)


W-H-LKWx1-AA-aLKW           (Ai Rin only)



LKWx3-W-W-W-AA-aLKW         (Ai Rin only)



Guard Pressure









W-H-LKWx1-AAc-aW               (Ai Rin)

W-H-(TC)-H-H-LKWx1-AAc-aW      (Ai Rin)


Rin's dont meed much to succeed. Jabs and aLKW. Literally. Focus on pressuring
with jabs and dive kicks. If you see your opponents guard stumbling use a
heavy attack to try and finish it off. They are light characters so naturally
their HP and Guard HP are utter garbage. You can take maybe two good combos
and you're dead, and your guard can't take a beating. Rins are best played on
the offensive. They have a natural jump cancel ability (meaning they can jump
out of ANY of their basic ground jabs EX: W-W-W-(Jump)-aLKW). Think about that
for a second. Most of the cast has to use the Anti Air Cancel technique to
achieve this status. Jump Cancel into dive kicks for pressure, jump cancel
to jump cancel. It's completely safe on guard in 1v1 situations. Dive Kick has
an uncanny ability to stun people due to its absurd priority and even if you
clash, air attacks don't clash properly. Your opponent will be open for a
follow up.

Recommended Abilities
Power Leveler: Gives them more HP and meter to burn, which is an integral part
of their play-style. Harder to kill, more meter for crowd control.

Lean Extender: Lean into Dive Kick affords the rins even more incredible
mobility and makes them nearly impossible to catch once they start running.
Only a fellow LE would be able to keep up with you.

aLKW is extremely difficult to punish

Best 360 in the game

Ridiculous evasion ability.

Fei Rin is Ice Element, Ai Rin is Lightning, and Rin Rin is Fire. Besides
these small differences--they sure the exact same basic move set. Their big
difference lay in their KW variations and even those follow a few basic rules.
Each is 4 piece ground LKW, each has a dive, all three have terrible charge

Max      (o102)
Combo List








W-AAc-aW-aW-H-W-LKWx3-HKW(1)    (REQ 5 bars of meter, Lv2 minimum)





Guard Pressure



aLKW   (very easy to punish though, use with massive caution)



Max is one of the most versatile characters in the game. He boasts one of the
most impressive move-sets and this allows you to play him a number of ways,
extremely defensive, baiting people into your counter for free juggles or uber
offensive with delay cancels and constant jab pressure. If you land a counter--
start a combo. H-AA-aW-aW-H-AA-aHKW is my personal recommended BNB for most
average players. Very VERY high damage for how easy it actually is to pull off.
Pressure with lights and delay weaks, but don't get predictable as max's jabs
are actually punishable. His lean gets stunned rather easily, standing jab is
a much better option. Dash Attack has hit detection issues and will usually
only connect 1 of the 2 hits unless you are ON CENTER with your opponent. Only
use DA if you need to meter build EX: W-W-W-DA. Standing HKW is really flashy
and easy to see coming--avoid using it completely unless you spot a guaranteed
connect. Charge HKW(1) is super fast and has lots of range. Use wisely in 1v1

Recommended Abilities
Power Leveler: More precious meter to burn and pressure enemies plus your
element make this ability really shine on Max. 

Lean Extender: He works really well with this as well with a really fast lean
that crosses a lot of distance. Lean into DA covers a LOT of distance very

Destroyer: Max excels at juggle combos and this boosts his damage output even
further. If you don't like PL or LE, this is the way to go.

Only character in the game with a proper Counter

Max can combo into his Charge HKW1 at Lv2. LKWx3-Charge HKW

Counter has super armor after it sits for a second but max won't do the
animation for about a full second after you sit there. Advanced players will
360 break you if they see it coming. This turns into a mind-game in of itself.
It turns into more of a guaranteed 360 bait, so keep this in mind.

aLKW cancel is a reset and can be followed up with jabs and or LKWx4

W-W-W-H is Max's pressure BNB. It's very difficult to punish, max recovers
from his heavy nearly instantly. Very useful for guard pressure and baiting
people into a jab string. EX: W-W-W-H-(COUNTER)

Excelled HP regeneration (Only character with un-natural regen speed)

Lightning Element

Bayonetta   (p102)
Combo List



H-H-AA-aKWLx2 or KW Glitch


H-*W-AA-aL-W-W-H-KWH (KWH will sometimes miss in laggy conditions)


W-*W(TC)-W-W-H-AA-aKWLx2 or KW Glitch

W-W-H-AA-aW-W-W-H-AA-aW     (LOOP, can drop in lag)

W-W-W-W(TC)-W-W-W-W(TC) (Twitch cancel pressure loop.)

Guard Pressure







W-*W-H (Unsafe, use very willingly--if they dodge. You're punished!)

KWH (Unsafe. It breaks normal guards but can be easily dodged.)

Bayonetta can be summed up in two words. "Big Damage". She is a character
that struggles to open people up and force them to make mistakes. Partly
because everyone is so used to fighting her--everyone should know her
tricks. She more than makes it for it by having a set of extremely
dangerous KW attacks. Her defense is very poor, possessing the usual low
health the rest of the women have. Her 360 attack is slow on start-up AND
recovery. It should only be used in the most dire situation, period. Bayo
players shouldn't be afraid to get aggressive but should also keep in mind
it's very easy for her to be overwhelmed. Especially if she's fighting the
Rins, Zero, Gargoyle, or is caught by herself in a team mode.

Recommended Skills
Charge Attacker: Bayonetta and CA just go together, mostly because of her
multi-hit combo enders. All of these little bursts of damage get buffed by
charge attacker. Fully Charged, these guarantee a guard break on connect and
will actually continue doing damage depending on the stage of the attack. She
has an online glitch with this perk, similar to Baron's OHKO where the game
repeteadly tries to register hits from said attack. Most noticable on
H-H-(CHARGE!)H. Eats through guard master if you can connect good enough.

Lean Extender: A bayonetta with LE can be lethal. Not only can she use it as
a traveling device, she can also use it to poke people from far away and start
one of those extreme combos, even on block, she can jump cancel into an array
of options such as air weak's or air LKW's for guard pressure / safety.

Power Leveler: This ability does well on everyone, but it's notable on Bayo
for a few different reasons. It gives her that coveted Lv2 / 3 HP bar.
Survivability and your Element are reasons to use Power Leveler on her.
She is one of the THREE(3) characters to have poison element, and has a
rather easy way to start a combo into her LKWx4 string. (W-*W-LKWx4). After
the knockback on the 4th hit, you can run them down and possibly LKWx2 or KWH.
Very, very dangerous.

Bayonetta is very notorious for the damage she gets off of her KW glitch. Since
she can use it in combos better than anyone else in the game. The drawback from
having this luxury is that the glitch is VERY unsafe. Her aLKWx2 is still
damaging and is safer than the glitch. The glitch should only be used to finish
people off or set up tech traps, as she can be hit out of the attack at any
time before she comes down, and can even be punished after she comes down
by anyone's KWH, or another Bayonetta doing the glitch right after you finish.
Some players prefer not to use it and don't like players who do. So be prepared
to catch some flack if you use it. Also very useful for crowd control and multi

She has three types of follow ups after KW glitching, KWH, or her throws.
These solely depend on who you're fighting against and how they get up off the

Fully charged H should never be used in combat situations. Only use it if you
need to travel across a rooftop on certain maps.

Fast Charge HKW(1) with lot's of range, Charge HKW(2) can poison at Lv3 but
people seem to fall out of it randomly because it's a "two-hit" move. Lag is
your enemy here.

Poison Element

Stage List and Basic Strategy   [>102]
This section will list each stage and each of their unique quirks that are
sometimes VITAL to surviving online in Anarchy Reigns. Learning stages in
large modes is very important so... Let's begin, shall we?

Altambra Central Square         [3AB0]
This is one of two city stages available to play in Anarchy Reigns. It's
actually fairly large and has a lot going for it. There are lot's of good
battle-areas to take advantage of and not many places to camp / escape if
the need arises. They do exist, but we'll get to that a bit later. The lower
section of the stage features three ruined buildings, two of have accessible
roof-tops for gameplay. There's a fan-lift for one of the roofs and a stair
case + alternate path combination for the other rooftop. This path is pretty
important because it leads to the top of the skyscraper, which I will dub
"mini-heliport". It's not recommended fighting large / extended battles on top
of this roof. You will get knocked off and some characters have much better
options to throw themselves at a distance into the air and escape more
efficiently. Use for traversing purposes / stalling if need be. There's a
bridge that can be knocked down on the opposite roof-tops if you want to
create a new path immediately--bring a fire barrel or tire to throw at it.
Some characters can also easily get across. There's also a lift in the
bottom section of the level leading up to the upper section--into the main
killing floor. 

The upper half of the level features a partially ruined underground subway
and a HUGE killing floor on the farside of the map. Inbetween, there are two
lifts that lead up to more sky-scraper rooftops. There's a drop off to the
lower section opposite the two lifts leading upward. The rest is flat
land geometry for maximum anarchy.

Item Slot Locations
On top of the roof of the bar in a corner
On top of the dual lift skyscrapers to the left
In a corner of the massive killing-floor on the far side of the map

Basic      Strategy
There are lots of good areas in this stage to take advantage of. The lower
portion of the stage can be a pretty good all-out-brawl fighting ground.
There aren't many environmental items to get in the way and the stage geometry
will very rarely get in the way of anything you are bound to do. There are a
few spots down here that you should be aware of though. The fan-lift can be
used to camp and regain HP rather easily. Unless you have a team waiting for
them to shoot up you won't be able to do anything about this. Best move on
and re-group. There's also the dreaded stair-case while innocent in nature can
actually let your opponent get a MASSIVE head-start to escape and stall for
back-up. The mini heliport is also an escape haven, if someone gets away--
prepare for them to jump back down to the ground immediately to stall for
time and regain HP. There's ONE tire in the bottom half of the level.

The upper half of the stage features one of the nastiest camping spots in the
game. The double lift section can be camped on endlessly to completely avoid
anyone that might be after you. The bottom portion of the upper half is also
pretty solid ground to fight on. There are two poles and a car that spawns
here so watch out for them during combat. 

When you're in something like a TDM, try and avoid heavy combat near the lift
sections to minimize the chances of your enemy getting to one and completely
nullifying the work you just did.

Always stick with your team, in a level like this with not a lot of places to
fall back on when you get ambushed--you need to be aware of your surroundings
constantly--That said. They do exist, like I detailed. Just be cautious.
Getting gang-banged is practically an AR-staple and it's not always fun.
Leading you to lash out at your team. "WHERE WERE YOU GUYS?" I've heard that
one many times. Everyone needs to make an effort to stick with each-other. Not
just one person or two people. EVERYONE.

The Dive         [3AB1]
This is the other city stage and while it seems visually familiar there are
quite a few small changes that make it play quite differently from its brother
ATC. First off, the bottom half of the stage get's a LOT of new playing field.
It basically becomes ATC's upper half. Most of your fighting will take place
spread out all over the place down here. The foundry area opens up with lava
pit, molten pourer and all. Across from the foundry you have your basic
killing floor that is also in ATC, and from there you get another new area
with fuel tanks that can explode on rag-doll contact. You get a new path
leading from the foundry to a rooftop as well, up some stairs and a few

Back to the opposite side of the level, there is no longer a fence blocking
off this roof-top and the warp pads to the mini heli-port are gone. The lift
on the bottom half is also closed off. What this gets replaced by, is a
lift-fan leading to the upper half of the level. Quick and painless. The upper
half of the level features multiple changes as well. The upper lifts are gone
and replaced by one, short lift. There's a hole in the ground leading to the
lift station and the expanded subway system, which is also a new addition.

Item Slot Locations
Near the mini-lift with the upper portion of the level
In a dead end adjacent foundry's exhaust fans
On top of the bar roof (same local as one in ATC)

Basic      Strategy
The Dive can get real messy, real fast. There are LOTS of environmental
things that can mess you up and turn the tide. First off, there's foundry. I
don't recommend duking it out with anybody here--ever. Once in a while you
will get forced here because of Poison Gas and it becomes a nightmare. If you
fall in the lava and you aren't a Fire Element character-expect to die. Best
case scenario you escape barely. Then there is the fuel tank yard with ever
lasting fire explosions. Seriously. If a tank explodes, this fire burns
FOREVER. This area is a huge cluster. Try and avoid it at all costs. 

Outside of those two you have a few basic killing floors, with two tires total
being spawned in the bottom half of the level. One in the same exact spot as
ATC, and one in the fuel tank area. Be careful down here. Leading to the upper
half of the level is the underground subway system-with another tire in the
immediate vicinity. Be cautious if you are approaching this area with enemy
team inside. They likely have control of the tire. Exiting into the upper
portion, is possibly the second worst place to try and go on the offensive.
There's a lift to camp on and a pole + car combo to take advantage of if need
be. The lift on top of the roof in the lower half, that leads to the upper
half of the level is also a beloved camping spot for many players. If you are
near this area expect people to run there. Try and ambush them if necessary.
A good method of choice is to catch them while they are still in the air.
EX: Wait for them to take lift, immediately aHKW so they fall into it.

Oil Rig      [3AB2]
Oil Rig can be summed up rather easily. A bunch of small sections tied into
eachother with lifts, ropes, walkways and speed pads. This map is always more
on the eventful side, ripe for anarchy. The first section is basically a jet
parking lot with one entrance, and two exits. There's a lift to take you to
the complete opposite side of the map and there is another lift to the right
of that to launch you to the top of a building. Let's go there first.

The top of this building is pretty basic, there's two exits and two entrances
if you want to get here. An elevator leading up and the lift you just took.
If you want to leave quickly, jumping off the side will bring you to just
outside the oil rig. There's also a zipline if you want to fly over to the
Excavator area. This area leads into the oil rig with a collapsable bridge and
there's a lift if you want to get back to the Jet-Landing strip. The Oil Rig
itself is pretty basic. It's basically a square with a pole in the middle of
it for decoration. There's a small room to the right which, I have no idea
what is for and after that there is another open area with a usable turret.
After that is the switch speed pad to get back into the Excavator area.

Item Slot Locations
One is in the far corner of the Jet-Landing Zone past the high-lift.
On top of the oil rig command center, in a corner near a fence.
In the open area with a turret, just outside the actual Oil-Rig in a corner.

Basic Strategy
Oil Rig isn't a very flowing level. It's easy to put it simple, your enemies
WILL get away from you here. There are no two ways about it. Let's start with
the Jet-Landing zone. This is a decent fighting area but there are ways for
you and your opponent to escape if need be, elevator camping, or lift hijinks.
Tough luck if you play a slow character and don't have an ability that boosts
some sort of speed / attack attribute. There is one lifeguard ring to make
note of here--at the far end of the area behind one of the lifts to the right.
I actually like this placement as you really have to go out of your way if you
want to use it. Precious time wasted, or gained depending on the situation.

Heading to the top tower we have a basic flat area with a few items worth
mentioning. There's a forklift, a ring, and a cryo tank that respawns
everytime it gets used. NEVER approach a team here. It's suicide. The actual
Oil Rig area has a pole that can be ripped from the ground, another cryo
tank that can be used an infinite amount of times and finally another forklift
on the far side of the area. Heading outside into the turret's playground you
have another pole that can be ripped up from the floor and the turret itself--
which can raise all sorts of hell if someone isn't paying attention. Half your
health bar gone before you can realize what is happening. If a team is
controlling the turret section there isn't much you can do to be honest. Try
to force them to come to you or try and find a pole to free-throw at the
person whos controlling the turret. Free-throwing would be manual aiming and
it allows for longer distance sticking if you arc it correctly, think like
you're throwing a javelin. 

From the turret area there's the excavator area which has a forklift and
ANOTHER cryo tank that respawns endlessly. Your main killing floors will
most likely be the inside of oil-rig, the jet-landing zone and the turret /
exacavtor areas. Be VERY careful in the turret area, some people will get
on it and just stay there and camp on it. It's crude, but effective.
Especially if the enemy team is supporting them, making 3 of them plus bullets
flying at you from a distance. It's possible to break this basic defense but
no matter how good you are this will be a challenge. Sniper Rifle thwarts the
turret camping immediately as well so keep that in mind.

Oinkie's Casino     [3AB3]
Oinkie's Casino is a really large level broken up into a few different pieces.
The middle portion of the level is extremely large, with a total of three
entrances and exits. You get mostly flat geometry in the middle portion with
the occasional slope that might mess up some plans / objects you wanted to
throw at someone. There's a fence separating the two halves for no apparent
reason other than being decorative. The first exit from this area is in
the corner over a roofed in section of the map. This leads to the jet-landing
zone area of Oinkie's Casino. From here, you can exit two ways, a zipline
leading back toward where you literally just were or a launch pad that places
you roughly opposite where you exited. Straight ahead is another fan-lift that
can be taken up to Oinkie's throne room area for another decent little section
of map. You can exit by jumping down or by taking another lift from the back
section leading to the jet-area. 

The final area of the map is underground and can only be accessed through
falling into a broken piece of building. From here, there are two exits. To
the left the warp pads will take you up to Oinkie's Throne and the right pads
will warp you to the roofed section of the main killing floor. 

Item Slot Locations
On the jet-landing zone near a wall
Outside of Oinkie's Throne waterfall in a corner
In the underground section to the left of the warp pads on the right

Basic Strategy
This is a pretty solid level with good geometry, most of the time teams will
be fighting it out in the big middle portion of the stage. There's not much
to get in the way here and the few items that there are, a forklift, a tire
and a cryo tank usually get used straight away. The cryo tank DOES respawn
though so watch for it if people are in the area or you're re-entering the
fight from dying. There's a few escape routes if need be, up the air lift
to Oinkie's throne room and back down again just to stall for HP--be careful
though because if they are RIGHT behind you they will just land on you and
stop your HP regeneration. Characters with dives can get away easier as they
can dive outward and put distance between you and your enemy. The other option
for people to escape would be the far side under the roofed section, and in
the middle area--falling into the underground section. This route isn't highly
recommended because they can catch up to you rather easily. There's also a
ring and a cryo tank in this area, watch out if you are approaching people

The jet area is not a very good area to have any sort of elongated skirmishes
in simply because it's REALLY easy to get away here. Over to the wire zipline
or up the lift, take your pick. There's also a ring and cryo tank that reside
in the area, the cryo tank is near the zipline and the ring is near the item
slot machine. 

Up in oinkie's throne room, this area can either be a blessing or a curse--if
you find you and your team have moved to this battle location and the other
team have followed suit-expect some unholy mess to ensue. The waterfall
severely hampers vision if you're inside it and there are plenty of items in
the immediate vicinity of the throne itself for people to abuse. If you find
yourself low on HP here and you can't make it to an edge safely. Camp by
the lift and see if anyone aggros you-Try and bait them onto the lift so they
get sent flying. 

There's a section behind the lift where you can also camp and regain HP if
the situation calls for it. If someone tries to attack they usually get sent
into the lift. Usually. You may get knocked in as well so use this spot with

Chaodiansi Temple Street   [3AB4]

This level is divided into a few large sections and a few small sections. 
You have your basic middle section with the dragon head fountain and two
paths from there. One path leads to the abandoned bus / turret combination
and the other leads to the tesla coil garden with the temple itself. There's
a lift that will launch you over to the Tower on the right hand side and 
a lift in the corner of the garden that will bring you to a new section I will
fittingly dub the "rooftops". A zipline leading back to the middle portion of
the level on the left and a path leading to a more secure, fenced in, rooftop.

From here, there's only one area left to navigate. The lift up into the tower.
Not much to see here, there's a way back down into the turret area by jumping
over the edge. There's also a lift from the bus / turret section up to the

Item Slot Locations

Inside the Tesla Garden next to the lift to the Tower
In a corner of the rooftop near the Turret Section
In the turret section wedged in a corner

Basic Strategy

Most of the action takes place on one half of the roof-tops and in the turret
section of the level. Try and be wary of the turret because it WILL hurt the
team if any of you forget about it and someone gets on it and stays there. 
Starting in the turret section, there is a pole, a tire, and a taxi in
the immediate vicinity. Approaching a team fortified here-turret and all. Is
plain suicide. 

Moving down into the fountain area, there's a cryo tank and a 2 taxi things.
This area is actually a pretty good killingfloor--providing one of the enemy
team doesn't make their way to the turret and start sniping people. Going even
further we have the Tesla Garden which is also a fantastic killing floor in
it's own right. It forces you to not play wreckless because if you touch one
of the poles--you'll get stunned for a short duration. Very tricky. There's
a tire and a taxi to be used here as well. It IS possible to get away here if
necessary through the lift to the tower. It buys you a LOT of time. The open
section of the rooftops is not a very good place to bring the fight either.
People can stall for time by repeatedly jumping into the water and there's
a lot of ways to escape / stall in general nearby. The zipline, lift to the
tower, both lifts to the rooftops. It's just a nightmare up here. There's a
fire barrel on one rooftop and a tire on the roof without a fence. Use them
to your advantage if necessary.

The tower area is a decent place to fight, but alas, also a good place for
enemies to stall if need be. Off the side of the edge, dive kicking onto
a rooftop. You name it. The only reliable section of this map--if you're
fighting skilled players. Is the outermost turret area and the middle area
and MAYBE a section of the tesla garden. There's just too many places to
run and stall here. You've been warned. Take advantage of the items around
the map and you should have no problem finishing people off.

Hong Long Downtown     [3AB5]
This is the other chinese city-scape level with quite a differences to make
note of. They basically "opened" the other half of the level and closed off
the other portion. (The other portion being temple street). Anyways, this
level is pretty basic. You have your bus / turret area which is also featured
in CTS and from there you have a lift taking you to a rooftop or another path
leading into a few directions. Let's go up the lift first. Here, we have some
signs and an air-vent that leads to the tower (also in CTS, just different
access route this time). From the rooftop you can jump down into the district
themed part of the level which is pretty flat and straightforward. There's a
blockade at the end of this part and a couple paths leading indoors.

Going downward leads you into the freezer and going up leads you into a store
of some kind with a fishtank. You can jump on the fishtank, there's another
air vent leading up to the tower and another entrance to the freezer below
that. From the store section you can run onto a bus for another usable turret,
and from there another lift back to the rooftop section.

Item Slot Locations
In a corner section atop the Tower
In a corner in the district area near an entrance to the freezer
On top of the rooftop in a corner

Basic Strategy
This map has a lot of issues. There are two active turrets for use at any
given time. You CANNOT forget about these if you are on any part of the
ground section. The middle turret has coverage for almost 60-70% of the level.
Extremely dangerous. The bus section is a decent area to fight in, there's
a tire and a pole here to take note of. The rooftop has one tire, and it's
neon signs can be used for electrocuting your enemy briefly. Be careful of
these as well. The roof isn't exactly a good area to fight in either because
there is a vent-lift and two elevators in the immediate vicinity. The roof
is kind of like a HUB to every other section of the level. 

Going down to the district area there is a pole, a cryo tank, a tire, and two
taxi things in the immediate vicinity. This area is very dangerous, the middle
turret can be used here as well to weed out any pests. Going into the freezer
there is a tire and a cryo tank. Also a dangerous area. Up in the tower there
is a lone cryo tank for use. Most of the fighting will take place on top
of the roof and on top of the tower or in the district area / roofs. The usual
escape routes are available. Lot's of wonky geometry make excessive chasing /
pressuring of the enemy difficult and with lots of lifts and shortcuts to make
use of this level is not the best fighting ground, period.

Bari Shur Ghost Town   [3AB6]
This is one of two desert stages. Most of the level consist of sand and
ruined coliseums. There's a "ghost town" as well, with a turret that can be
used. Near the turret is a lift up to the rooftop. Jump down to the right
to land in the town courtyard and go through the tunnel to reach the water
area. Not much to see here, pretty basic area. There's a lift leading to
the other side of the map near a shack. Once you land there is another
open area with some stairs leading up to a zipline. This takes you back
to the area you were just in. The opposite direction leads to the upper
half of the ruined coliseum, with a lift leading to the town square. There's
also a slope to the lower half of the coliseum if you don't want to take that
particular route. From the lower half of the coliseum you can run back into
the town courtyard or run onto the other half of the town's roof section
and take a lift back to the opposite section of the map. Fairly simple
level design. 

Item Slot Locations
Take the lift near the turret and you'll see it in front of you.
In the lower coliseum tucked away in a corner.
The opposite side of the map in the other open area up some stairs near the
zipline to the lower coliseum / courtyard.

Basic Strategy
This level can be a huge pain. Since it's so big, if you die in a mode like
Team Deathmatch, expect your team to be crippled severely. Unless they are
good (good enough to handle 4v3 with items thrown in the mix) you will likely
lose the advantage immediately. Let's start off with the turret / ghost town
section. This turret, is the bane of your existance. Do not forget it exists.
You have to respect the fact this badboy exists at all times or you WILL get
gun-mauled. Just in the courtyard itself, there's a motorcycle that respawns,
a tire, a pole, and a fire barrel. Freaking ridiculous. Adding in the turret,
this area is a deathtrap and if a team is camping here for upper ground
expect to never break their defenses unless they decide to move or your team
gets items. Moving on to the coliseum area, this part of the map activates
quicksand if there is a lot of action going on. There's a cryo tank, pole, and
a motorcycle for use here, so be careful. Decent killing floor. Heading into
the upper half of the coliseum is probably the most tame section of the map.
There's one pole and one fire barrel, expect enemies to ditch through the
lift if they get nervous. Heading down into the open area, there's multiple
poles and a motorcycle. Not a good area to be in--but thankfully action
rarely focuses itself here. If you play a character with good mobility this
map will make you unkillable, BECAUSE it's so big and there are so many
lifts and shortcuts to gain a few second advantage. It's all you need. I feel
obligated to make a note of the horrific frame rate on this map as well,
tornado, carpet bombing, and quicksand really turn this map into a hellhole so
be prepared for it.

Abandoned Mine    [3AB7]
The other part of the desert. This level is basically a bunch of small parts
connecting into a larger coliseum and base of operations area. Let's start
with the coliseum area. Pretty basic geometry here and it makes a pretty good
fighting ground. Going down the ramp is another open area with some stairs
leading up to a usable turret. From here, you can go into the cargo plane
area with another basic fighting area. Flat geometry and a slide down to
the "cave". Going even further is a walkway leading into the excavation area
and from that, the 2nd entrance to the cave area. There's an elevator leading
up and a walkway to jump off from. From the cave area, there's a lift leading
into the coliseum area. Pretty basic map, just lots of twists and turns in
the small portions to take advantage of.

Item Slot Locations
Excavation Pit in a corner
Far side of coliseum near a wall
In a corner near the turret

Basic Strategy
This map can be pretty frustrating, for a few reasons. It has a frame rate
issue on a consistent basis and the annoying RTE's don't help things. Try and
focus the battle in the turret / coliseum area. Most of the time, it will be
moved away from this area though--for a few reasons. Coliseum + Turret area
are LITTERED with poles and motorcycles, not to mention the turret itself. If
your team has the position here, don't squander it. It's a HUGE advantage.
Most of the battling will likely take place near the cave, cargo plane and
sometimes in the coliseum. The Cave is a good place to stall for HP because
of the elevator. Most of the other areas are not easy to get away in. The
coliseum has the slide that can lead to the excavator area which can be used
if you have a few second head start but otherwise, not much else to make use
of. There's two poles on the raised platform between the two staircases and
theres two motorcycles in the area itself. Always keep an eye out for the
turret. People love to use it and if you get caught off guard-it hurts. Going
from this area into the Cargo Plane crash area, there's ALWAYS a tire and a
fire barrel here to make use of. The excavator area has a motorcycle and a
fire barrel as well. The cave has a cryo tank, a motorcycle, and a fire
barrel. Be careful here. Coliseum itself has 2 poles and a fire barrel.

Items and their use    [<102]
You can get items from many different sources inside the game. Gunrunner drops
or even incoming item event, slot machines, mutants, drones, enemies all have
a possible chance to drop a random item of some kind. You can hold two at once
and they will instantly assign themselves to the left or right D-pad buttons.
You can see what you have by looking at the bottom left of your HUD. You can
only equip one at a time and while you have said item equipped--it disables
your killer weapon! Be careful! One more important thing is there is no
friendly fire so feel free to chuck those grenades and missiles to save your
team mates!

Sniper Rifle    [1337]
This sniper rifle is a scary weapon used properly, it packs one hell of a
punch. Pre-loaded with a 5 round magazine. Each shot does around 50-60% of a
health bar at Lv1. That is an easy 2 kills if you are accurate--which you
should try your best to be. Opportunistic is the best way to describe the
weapon as the easiest way to land hits on someone is if they are not expecting
it, or in a stun / juggle. This is mainly because the shot is really very tiny
and the little dot in the middle of the aimer is about the lee-way granted to
you. Naturally, big characters have a massive disadvantage going up against
this weapon. Adding in the "bullet fly" distance and an enemies movement--you
almost have to predict where they are going to be. Not where they are. Lag and
the bad hit detection on it don't help things either. Also, even though this
is a sniper rifle and you have been brainwashed with the knowledge that
headshot=more damage, this is not the case in anarchy reigns against players.
Aim for center mass and try to pick off any larger characters on the enemy
team. If an enemy spots you with the rifle equipped prepare to be dodge'd
toward so they can close ground and fight you mano-a-mano. This is a pretty
decent strategy and hitting someone AWARE with a sniper rifle is nearly

Fire Grenade   [FIR3]
This is a pretty good item and should be used on unsuspecting players. It
doesn't have as large a blast radius as you might think, really aim to hit
them dead on with the blast. The grenade explodes dealing instantaneous damage
and lights them on fire for a short duration of time. Done properly you can
basically combo the two grenades for massive damage, this is an instant kill
against any Lv1 opponents and massive damage against enemies otherwise. If
your ally is locked in combat with an opponent a single grenade will turn the
tide instantly and secure a kill easily. Of course, double grenades into a
tight group is always a good idea. Always aim at the ground!

Satellite Laser  [B3@M]
Firing the satellite laser only takes a few seconds, at the time of pressing
the button the highest scoring player on the enemy team will be the target.
Most people know by now how to avoid the OHKO laser so it is best to fire it
when they are being pressured or harrassed simultaneously. It will cause them
to slip up and die from the laser or leave themself open to attacks. The two
main ways to avoid the laser beams are to dodge just before it fires or to 360
attack to nullify it completely. Dodge'ing is trickier and requires timing,
right before it goes off it will start beeping. Wait for the third beep and
dodge to avoid it completely. Using a 360 attacker is more of a guaranteed
escape but if there are opponents around you it will get you juggled. Most
people will fire both laser blasts straight away so you have to dodge one and
then dodge another, or dodge the first and then 360 the second. There's a few
ways to guarantee a satellite laser on somebody--you can't dodge if you're on
a lift / vent and trapping someone in a tire / pole / stun / juggle will also
do the trick. Satellite lasers also effect any players around you so if you
see yourself being targeted. Back Off! Don't get your team mates killed out of

Missile Launcher  [QU@D]
The missile launcher fires fairly slow, large homing missiles that explode on
impact and have a small blast radius. When aiming you can choose to either
shoot a straight missile with no homing capabilities (I'd recommend this if
there is a huge crowd of people nearby, otherwise use the lock-on) or you can
hover the aiming reticle over someone and lock on to an enemy, or multiple
enemies. Up to 3 targets can be acquired. Also a handy way to see how much lag
you have with someone, if you are having trouble locking on you probably
shouldn't be playing with them. Missiles do a good chunk of damage but are not
a huge threat and they are best used on unaware opponents. If you try to use
this weapon in a 1v1 fight it will prove completely useless as your opponent
can simply grab when they are near the missile and catch it / throw it back
at you.

Supercharged Traps  [LTRC]
Thrown like a grenade, only with a lot less range. The SC trap will sit and
wait on the ground for an enemy to come into range. Once that happens a pair
of electric jaws will snap shut on your opponent, electrifying them in a
similar manner to a thrown motorcycle. It's strength lies not in the damage
the item itself does but the status effect it causes. Completely locking your
opponents rampage and immobilizing them. Lightning based characters will break
free faster from the traps as well. If you're by yourself with this item your
best strategy is to set one up at a choke point and use the second near your
enemy to try and catch them with it. Use a non KW cutscene to deal massive
damage as fast as you can and then grab before they break out of the stun. If
you're in pairs or with a team member--this item really shines. Your partner
can take full advantage as their KW isn't locked from the equipped item.
Electrified opponents cannot be launched and are rooted to the spot unless hit
with a cutscene animation. Very few people treat the trap as an actual trap
and use it more as an electric grenade. Try being creative next time you get
ahold of these badboys and set one down at the end of a zipline or lift, or
at a teleporter exit. The blast radius can catch more than one person and
unless you capitalize on the stun--this item is completely useless. The trap
itself is active on the ground for about 15 seconds and then they stop working
so you really have to predict and be smart about using them.

Shield    [DFNS]
This shield is a great item. It's a one-use item and while active you don't
take any damage and nothing will put you into hitstun. It can't take a severe
beating (Most peoples aLKW will 1-shot it or turn it into red damage status)
but it does its job well enough. It can be used to go on the offense in 1v1
situations and your opponent will be near helpless. Be as aggressive as you
can to make the most out of it. However, a far more intelligent use of the
shield is a combo breaker to save yourself. It can be activated to save you
from a massive juggle and hits that were meant to finish you off or keep you
inside the juggle will simply hit the shield once it activates. If you see an
enemy with a shield, try and sneak attack to get rid of it otherwise you are
going to have a hard time. Shields will last the duration of the match as long
as they aren't broken by anything.

Stealth     [IVSI]
Unlike most invisibility items in games, this item actually does make you hard
to spot. You pretty much take on a grayish dark color and are extremely hard
to deal with. However, this is not the real advantage to this item. The real
reason this is effective is because whoever is using it cannot be locked on by
anyone and it lasts a decent amount of time. Fighting someone invisible is a
nightmare and a complete uphill battle. You shouldn't attempt fighting an
invisible player by any means unless you are confident you can stall for the
duration of time. Their camo will crackle with an electricity effect to warn
you and other players that the camo is about to run out.

Team Summit   [SAV3]
A simple item with a few good uses. The instant you activate it your team is
transported to your immediate vicinity, no matter the situation they were in.
(Being in dying state is an exception, won't transport your timer). Not only
will your team mates come to your aid to prevent you from getting killed but
you will most likely out number the enemy and get a kill or two. At the very
least--even the playing field for a 4v4. or 2v2. Try to analyze the situation
you and your team mates are in as best you can because it can be a game
changer. Summoning them out of poison gas, or a microwave array. This item
basically plants a thought into everyones minds-or it should. "We need to
stick together". Less useful in 2v2.

Carpet Bombing (TEAM BATTLE!) [B0MB]
This item is basically an on-demand version of the carpet bombing seen inside
other modes. Call it in during a big fight for an advantage. Your team will be
immune to the bombs and the enemy team will be falling over and trying to flee
the area. Target the leader if he is caught in a blast!

As soon as you use this item a gang of super mutants sporting your team color
will spawn and begin to attack the other team. This creates a catch 22
situation for the enemy. They can't fight you without being interrupted and
hurt by the mutants, and they cant turn on the super mutants without you
picking them off or hunting their leader. If you are on the opposite end of
this item, regroup and run away to try and pick off the mutants. Always let
your Team Leader execute mutants as it gives you a huge rampage bonus! If you
are greedy and execute them yourself--your team gets nothing! There is also
one major issue to using this item besides basically feeding the enemy team
rampage meter. They can steal your leader kills. You have been warned!

Cage Match   [C@G3]
This item is specific to Battle Royale and CTF modes, it's pretty basic. Once
activated you have a marker around yourself. The next person you attack will
be transported inside a cage match fight for 99 seconds, you get extra points
for winning one of these and they play out almost identical to actual cage
matches. The venue is a little different and your HP bar isn't automatically
buffed like it is in cage match. In the event of neither player getting KO'd,
the time will run to 0 and the match will essentially go into overtime--
eventually the game will boot both players and no one will get points.

Abilities and their uses           (*102)
This section details each ability for use in multi-player and their basic
incorporated use. BEGIN THE EXPERIMENT!

Destroyer      [2AA1]
"Increases all regular combo damage by 20%."

This ability is pretty average in it's basic usefulness. It shines on big
characters because they have a boosted damage % stat to begin with, and it
shines on characters that are very jab centric. EX: Oinkie, Jack, Nikolai,
Baron. Not an easy ability to use to begin with because it requires you
to actually hit and combo your opponent to start, and unless you are doing
long fancy combos, it doesn't make much of a difference. There are better
options, but there are also worse abilities. Overall, destroyer is a good buff
ability that doesn't take anything away, but doesn't add much either. 

Lean Extender    [2AA2]
"Increases reach for initial lean attacks." (Forward+Jab)

One of the best abilities in the game hands down. This incorporates practical
use, speed, and mindgames all into one neat little package. It shines on a
select few while still being incredibly viable with the rest of the cast.

Charge Attacker  [2AA3]
"Allows heavy attacks within regular combos to be charged; charged attack
damage increases 100%."

Charge Attacker. What is there to say, while severely underrated this ability
is also not NEARLY as good as it should've initially been. Super Armor during
heavies, extra tracking, more damage, more guard break potential. All sounds
good on paper but it's not nearly as good when you actually incorporate it
against a human being. It's very obvious when you start charging something and
all your opponent has to do is be a little patient and sidestep you. There are
however a few select characters that really make fantastic use out of it, I
detailed them in their respective sections.

Berserker  [2AA4]
"All attacks deal double damage when Vitality Gauge is red."

Berserker is situational at best, while extremely powerful, doesn't have much
use as HP regeneration kicks in really fast and negates the ability. Not even
the most hardcore anarchist will dare rock this ability and try to make it
work. If there had to be one character it might work on, big bulls LKWx3 while
under berserk's buff will instantly kill everyone at Lv1.

Spin Master   [2AA5]
"Eliminates damage from executing 360 attacks."

While this ability seems incredibly useful, all it will accomplish is forcing
your opponent to immediately adapt. 360's are NOT safe and when you achieve
the no damage mentality this ability provides, it just gets you killed 100x
faster. Not recommended for most characters, Rins and Zero possibly get the
only true use out of it because their 360's are so fantastic.

Guard Master   [2AA6]
"500% increase to guard durability. Incredibly effective against Rampages."

One of the best abilities in the game, guard master turns you into a highly
inpenetrable fortress. In 1v1 scenarios, your opponent won't be able to break
your defense--period. Even if you are getting double teamed, it is very
unlikely. Guard Master's worst enemy are poles / tires / random stuff that can
knock you out of the safe zone. Recommended for light characters and new
players. Or players that just don't like their guard being broken, ever.

Auto-Guarder   [2AA7]
"Allows for automatic guarding, except when attacking or receiving damage."

While innocent in nature, this ability has a few uses not many people know
about. This PUTS UP A GUARD during your 360 attack. If your opponent can't
immediately one shot your shield, this ability makes 360 attacks safe. Pretty
neat. While it isn't game breaking, it could be put to good use with a few
characters that have less than stellar 360 attacks. EX: Oinkie, Bull, Bayo

Judo Master  [2AA8]
"Increases both grab range and grab attack power by 20%."

Also another buff ability that seems good on paper but when put to actual use
inside matches--doesn't make much of a difference. It's far too easy to tech
grabs and while the extra range could be good for locking down people who like
to run away and regenerate HP--there are better abilities to keep up with
people and / or buff yourself. Works best when paired with big characters.

Takedown Defense  [2AA9]
"Allows for automatic grab escapes in any situation."

This ability isn't good for much, it does one thing and it does it perfect.
If you can't tech grabs, this ability is for you. Good for newbies.

Sprinter  [2AB0]
"Increase dash speed and jumping ability."

The dash boost is good for slower characters but even then--there is always
a better option to pick over this. Including Lead Extender, which accomplishes
the same basic thing---only with initial repeated lean attacks minus the
extra jump height. 

Master Evader   [2AB1]
"Boosts evasion distance and increases number of consecutive evasions from
three to six."

A lot better than it should have been, this practically makes you un-touchable
in many different situations. Extra I-frames during your roll, tons of extra
distance and while it doesn't completely negate the roll counter, all you have
to do is walk half a step to reset it. A few back rolls accomplishes enough
space to do that safely immediately. One of the best abilities if not THE

Rampage Marauder   [2AB2]
"Provides assistance during head-to-head Rampage battles."

This ability does exactly what it says, helps you win rampage battles. I've
personally never lost a rampage clash with this on so if you are already good
at mashing this ability is EXTREMELY dangerous in large modes like Battle
Royale where rampaging enemies are extremely commonplace. Useful but not the
best ability out there. Also shines in Tag Battle.

Rampage Master    [2AB3]
"Increases length of Rampages by 20%."

This is one of the least used abilities and for good reason, rampage isn't
super dangerous to begin with unless you catch people off guard. Not
recommended for any style of play, complete "dead weight" ability. Might be
funny to troll people with it though. Official troll ability.

Herculean Effort    [2AB4]
"Increases speed while carrying objects and increases damage from item attacks
by 50%."

This ability was practically made for capture the flag, where the goal is to
run with the flag (it's considered an item) from an enemies base into yours or
from the spawn point to yours. Pretty useful but still not the best ability
even in the mode it was designed for.

Hitman     [2AB5]
"Increases points earned by eliminating enemies by 50%."

Only viable in modes like Battle Royale and Tag Battle, this ability boosts
point gain from killing NPC enemies. Killseekers, Kraken, Mutants, all that
good stuff. Not recommended for anyone. Official troll ability.

Rifle Enthusiast   [2AB6]
"Begin matches with a rifle and one extra bullet. Also increase rifle attack
power by 20%."

An extremely powerful, but situational, ability. This requires you to be on
top of item slots and killseeker item spawns constantly. If you are consistent
with a sniper rifle and like having a free 2-3 kills at spawn? Here you go. I
personally find that the sniper rifles hit detection is plain awful and even
when I hit people dead on-it won't do damage. Other times when I blatantly
missed I get the damage. It's just a silly weapon. Tire someone and then shoot
the rifle off at point blank. How many will hit? Not recommended for new
players or players who don't want to rely on items. 

Cage Match Enthusiast     [2AB7]
"Triple bonus points awarded for winning a duel."

This ability requires you get dueled by someone to begin with, and duels don't
exist in TDM or Deathball, the most popular 4v4 games. Battle Royale and the
CTF modes have duel items--CTF isn't point based and BR has a large amount
of players to begin with. Not practical. This ability doesn't change a thing.
Official troll ability.

Stealth Master   [2AB8]
"Begin matches with a stealth item. Increases stealth duration by 50%."

The best item ability hands down, the 50% duration increase feels more like a
200% increase. Stealth items last forever when you have this ability on.
Extremely dangerous and practical for any team / free for all mode. A lot like
rifle enthusiast, this ability requires you to be on top of item slots and
item spawns. Otherwise it's just dead weight. You have to morph it into your
play-style or you can't make the most of it.

Shield Master    [2AB9]
"Begin matches with a Shield item. Increase shield durability by 100%."

This ability is arguably the worst of the 3 spawn-with item usables. This
requires you to make the most of each shield. Again, it requires you to be an
item enthusiast-literally. Never pass up anything. This includes abandoning
things you are currently doing, people you are fighting, a team you are
helping. Situational at best.

Mugger    [2AC0]
"Causes stunned enemies to drop items they are carrying."

Completely useless. Official troll ability.

Healing Factor  [2AC1]
"Increases vitality gauge recovery rate by 20%."

While it looks good on paper, HP regeneration is already extremely fast. This
ability just makes it faster. There are better abilities but there are also
worse things you could pick and conform to your play-style. This cuts down
the time you would need to retreat and regenerate your HP in a big mode.

Hard Charger     [2AC2]
"Increases Killer Weapon Gauge recovery time by 20%."

Should've been a lot better than it actually is. This ability does exactly
what it says it does. Faster meter regeneration, the thing is meter is almost
never an issue to begin with because of the defensive nature of the game. You
almost always have option to build meter on something. A mini-boss, a spawned
drone, a mutant, etc. Only useful on a select few and even then, there are
better options.

Rapid Respawner     [2AC3]
"Reduces respawn wait time to zero."

Another ability that seems like it could be useful, but is actually extremely
counter-productive. In a mode like TDM--you get killed and you immediately
spawn again in front of the enemy team and get mauled. The respawn timer is
there for a reason in most big modes, and the two modes where it is useful--
3 team CTF and CTF, there are still better abilities to pick.

Power Leveler   [2AC4]
"Increases level up efficiency. Level 2 requires only a single kill, Level 3
requires a three kill streak."

One of the most dangerous abilities in the hands of good player. This ability
incorporates a few very important things. It increases your HP bar and your
KW meter gauge the first time you get a kill. A full bar of HP on level up and
more meter to burn is one of the many reasons this ability is a personal
favorite for many. When you hit that coveted Lv3--you gain your characters
element. Also an extremely powerful tool. That said, this ability does have
a few downsides. You sacrifice defense, you sacrifice mobility. It's only as
good as its user and if you can't secure kills by yourself (especially with
how rampant kill stealing is in AR) this ability is not for you.

Killjoy   [2AC5]
"Increases power 80% for one attack following a taunt. Effect wears off after
a short amount of time."

One important thing this ability description doesn't mention--if you are hit
with the buff active it completely disappears. Anyway, this ability is amazing
in the right hands. It lasts for about 8 seconds so it gives you plenty of time
but you also have to be ready to do something, cutscene KW's make the most of
this since the entire move gets buffed--not just one section of it. If you are
good at being sneaky this ability is for you. Lot's of characters have the
ability to do around 90% in one HKW cinematic and some characters have the
ability to one shot others immediately (Oinkie and Douglas for starters). With
Killjoy you have to let your ability do the talking. When you use something
like PL or LE, those are backburner abilities. They don't effect your overall
playstyle. Killjoy needs to be embraced or you won't be able to let it shine.
"One does not simply Killjoy and get away with it" Using this ability is like
a fine art and once you get the hang of it you become an absolute monster.
Tired of people running away from you? Tired of EVERY light characters? Pick
Killjoy and celebrate the fact you can now one-shot the entire light cast

Random Trigger Events    [^102]
This section details all the random crap that can happen in any given large
mode of play. How to utilize, get to safety and basically make the most of any
given situation--or try to. Other people will try to stop you and get in your

Chutulu     [5YU0]
Chutulu spawns at random, very commonly I might add--in most large modes. This
super robot is a lot more dangerous than he is in story mode and should not be
trifled with. If you are on of the 3 top scoring players in the match he will
send out a teleportation drone to warp you there for a fight. This can get
extremely dentrimental to basic gameplay and overall fun. Most of the time he
is better off ignored but if you can gather your team and gang up on him you
can make quick work of this annoying robot and send him to the trash can. He's
got a few attacks to make note of:

Spinny Lasers of Doom: Chutulu turtles up and starts spinning his lasers in a
massive radius going outward. Only safe tactic is to run away or rampage to
avoid it, dodging through it does not work and will likely get you combo'd to

Mega-Laser: Chutulu charges up and unleashes a gigantic OHKO laser. Very

Claw Swipe: Chutulu has a 1-2 melee that can break your guard rather easily.
Be careful.

The Grab: Chutulu slides across the ground and is able to grab a group of
players, forcing you to mash buttons to escape. 

Jet Flamethrowers: One of the more annoying attacks at his disposal, he lifts
up and will fly over you spewing down flames in a huge area of effect. Can
combo you to death easily. Be careful.

Other Notes:

Doesn't spawn in CTF / 3 Team CTF

Has a massive shield before you can actually damage its HP bar

In point modes, most people will gang up on him for the huge execution bonus.
Be aware of kill-steals. Be wary if their HP is getting low and try and grab
the kill for yourself, it doesn't matter that you did the work, there is no
honor in Anarchy Reigns.

Spawns in all the "Big 8" levels.

Good for point farming if you play a character with multi-hit moves. For EX:
Baron's rolling punches, Garuda's HKW, Bayonetta's Air Weaks. 

Kraken       [5YU1]
This is the other super enemy that is commonly found playing large modes. Not
nearly as annoying and dangerous as Chutulu, this big guy is basically free
points if you find the time to deal with him. He's got tentacles that can be
destroyed with very obvious (Blue soft spot) weakpoints. Attack these first
and he will usually slam them down and you can jump onto and climb up to
beat on his core for boosted damage. After the tentacles are destroyed this is
actually the only way to damage the Kraken. He's got a few annoying attacks to
make note of, and in some levels can really screw things up HARD with the
amount of screen-shake that gets produced.

Electric Wave: Chutulu slams the ground that produces an electric shockwave
that electrocutes you for a short period of time the moment it touches you.
This can either be a blessing or a curse, it's not hard to avoid but with a
lot of action going on you can capitalize--roll through the wave and punish
your opponent. You can also jump over it but it's not recommended. Rolling
is much easier.

Ink Blob: Kraken fires ink blobs that blurs your vision almost completely.
Very annoying.

Core Shockwave: A "get-off-me" move that he only uses when people are beating
on his core. Not avoidable, even in rampage, or 360 attack. 

Other Notes:

Free points in point mode, usually doesn't stick around as long as Chutulu.

Can only spawn in 4 levels, Oil Rig, Bari Shur, Abandoned Mine, and Oinkie's

50,000 points for getting the finishing blow.

To a lesser extent, good for point farming on weak spots. 

Carpet Bombing   [5YU2]
This event is really just annoying bullcrap personified into an actual thing.
There are a few things to note about this cringe worthy addition to the game
that people need to be aware about to get to safety or make the most out of
the actual bombings.

First off, this is one of the more common RTE's in the game and you will
probably see it 2-3 times a match playing modes like TDM. It can get very
annoying--especially considering that it feels they never end. If you
play a fire character you have an advantage from this ATE over someone who
doesn't. You recover from the fire ignition faster and can capitalize--that is
if you don't get bombed again straight away. I don't recommend trying to fight
through a carpet bombing. Try and get to a corner or a hallway of some sort.
The bombings themselves happen in the exact same spots time after time so if
you know where to stand you can completely avoid this ATE and make good use
of the distraction. Outer walls of any given area are usually safe, most
roofed in sections are also safe.

Black Hole     [5YU3]
One of the more tame events, all this event does is transport people into a
completely different area, the landing points are all set so you can basically
roll the dice if it warps you to an area next to the hole itself. Try not to
let it separate the team. It can be used for escapes if need be, getting
sucked into a hole will get you out of anything--ANYTHING. Cutscenes, grabs,
etc. Most common in CTF modes.

Rampaging Vehicle     [5YU4]
Rampaging Vehicles take place where the action is, otherwise they won't happen
so if 6/8 players is on top of the altambra towers, a rampaging vehicle will
find its way up there and run through. 

It's got a few things to watch out for. The front of the vehicle has a grinder
which does a LOT of damage and the back / fuel tank area of the vehicle can
light you on fire and do a bit of damage. The explosion itself will set you
on fire and do damage. The grinder part CAN combo you mulitple times so avoid
it at all costs. Accurs in almost every big mode and can happen in every big

Microwave Satellite Array     [5YU5]
This event is an instant death reigned upon the entire map with the exception
one safe spot in any given map, and a few things you can do to avoid it. Safe
points are as follows:

Altambra Central Square: Underground subway area

The Dive: Underground Subway Area

Oil Rig: Oil Rig area, 3/4 gates close within the first 10 seconds and the
final gate is the turret section, stays open until 1-2 seconds left.

Oinkie's Casino: Underground Area 

Hong Long Downtown: Freezer Area

Abandoned Mine: Cave area.

Array doesn't happen in Temple Street and Bari Shur, there are no underground
and or sheltered areas to take cover in. An active shield item will also eat
the array and keep you alive, completely destroying your shield. Rampage mode
also nullifies the array. Use it as a last resort if you don't want to die.

Cargo Plane Crash   [5YUZ]
This is another "populated combat zone" event that the game throws at you to
try and muck things up. It's simple. A giant cargo plane crashes into a
designated area--giving you 30 seconds warning in advance to clear out or get
to a safe spot. Rampage has immunity.

OA System   [5YUF]
Simple event that happens multiple times a match--3 pre designated spots are
chosen around the map and a healing bubble is launched from somewhere to aid
players. Very difficult to kill someone with these active. In point modes if
there are a lot of players bundled, attacking people inside the bubble will
give you points. They are safe from your attacks but the game still counts it
as a connected hit thus giving you the points. Use to your advantage in BR and
Tag Battle. After a designated amount of usage and or time has passed, the
bubble will disappear and the core will glow red and explode shortly after,
dealing damage to anyone around it. Be careful! I should also note that you
can be tire / pole'd while you're in these and people can try to push you out
of the bubble by physically walking into you. Fair warning, even safe zones
can be a hazard in anarchy. 

Gunrunner  [5YU#]
One of the more common events, you see this multiple times a game on average.
The game randomly selects a piece of land to drop 4 item boxes in a row on.
If you want the items you have to drop everything and head there immediately-
there are like minded people that want them just as much. Sometimes its just
not realistic. Items are completely worth it though, they can turn the tides
extremely fast if you know how to utilize each specific item. 

SLBM Missile Launch     [5YU6]
Timed area of effect instant death event, only happens in Oil Rig and Oinkie's
Casino. Safe area's are designated by blue person symbols. Look for them and
head toward safety zone accordingly. Rampage saves you. Being in the middle of
a lift section will not. It counts for some reason. 

Poison Gas      [5YU7]
Poison Gas encompasses the entire level except for one designated safe zone
for each level. Very fast HP drain effect. Safe zones are as follows:

Altambra Central Square: Atop any of the 3 towers.

The Dive: Inside the Foundry.

Oil Rig: Command Center tower.

Oinkie's Casino: Oinkie's Throne Room.

Chaodiansi Temple Street: The Tower.

Hong Long Downtown: The Tower.

Poison Gas doesn't occur in the two desert levels. There's a few things to
make note of to make the most of this event. It can either be your best friend
or your worst enemy. If you have a shield--you're completely safe! Hurrah!
Catching people who have been sitting in the gas with rampage is also a good
idea as chip damage exists and all you have to do is touch them once
legitimately and they are dead. If none of these options (Rampage, Shield) are
available get to the safe zone ASAP or you will be picked off inside the

Helicopter Drone   [5YU$]
Pretty simple small event, random helicopter spawns around the map that can
be damage by any means necessary for a chance to hijack it and take control.
Very powerful if you catch people off guard with it and it lasts a VERY long
time if your opponents don't manage to hit you with anything. If you get hit,
you'll fall off immediately with a chance to re-hijack the helicopter. If the
heli is damaged enough it will spin out and explode.

Incoming Item  [5DU1]
Random item added automatically to your inventory. Semi-rare event.

Cybrid Joe  [5DU2]
Lone CJ spawns, lot's of health. Big point bonus for landing the killing blow.
Most common in Battle Royale. Has a large, unique, move-set. Same as story
mode. They should be able to be pole / tire'd though. Take advantage of it if

Killseeker Item Man   [5YU8]
Random spawn in every level, a lone killseeker runs around with an item box
ripe for the taking. Keep an eye out for the item marker! Only happens in
large modes.

Flying Platforms    [5YU9]
These spawn in twos everytime in any large mode. Very dangerous small event
that can turn the tide of any match extremely quickly. Afflict a set amount
of damage to the platform so the killseeker falls off and you get the prompt
to "HIJACK". Platform has its own basic moveset which is as follows:

Flamethrower (Square or X)
Dash Attack  (Triangle or Y)
Throw        (R2 or RT)

If you manage to get on a platform, try and make the most of it. Your platform
has an invisible HP bar and will explode if it takes too much damage. Basic
strategy is as follows: Ignite opponent with flamethrower and then line up a
dash attack for an instant kill. Extremely dangerous, never let go of your
guard if you see someone on one of these. Don't get lit on fire!

Executioners   [5YT1]
Pretty basic small event that spawns a few executioners on the map. Can be
killed for points and points toward the Executioner Killer emblem. There are
two types of executioners. Basic ones and the car-hammer ones. The car guys
can prove to be annoying as they can combo with their spinny hammer of doom
and really destroy your HP bar. Otherwise, farm for KW meter, points, and
rampage meter. 

Mutants   [5YT2]
Mutants are a pretty nifty small event that can be utilized in a few different
ways. They spawn in a set of two and if you damage them enough you get an
exeuction prompt for a considerable amount of rampage meter and a point boost.
Try not to steal an execution from someone if your rampage meter is already
full. It's only 5000 extra points for an execution. Be considerate of your

Super Mutant  [5YT3]
A super version of the mutant seen in story mode, they are faster, do more
damage and have a much larger HP bar. Can be executed for the same bonuses
that apply to basic mutants. More of an un-common spawn compared to basic

Berserker Mutant   [5YT4]
The single most rare event in Anarchy Reigns, seeing one of these is a real
treat and a huge pain all in the same time. Mostly because everyone usually
fights it leading to it getting killed and nobody gets to control him. That
said, if you manage to destroy a leg it will fall over and you can actually
control one--exactly like the mission in single player. You have access to
the same moveset as far as I know and become extremely dangerous. Berserker
are most common in Battle Royale but they CAN spawn in Team Deathmatch. Basic
execution is a 50,000 point bonus. It's unknown if there is a set amount of
circumstance to force one to spawn or not.

If you manage to cut off a leg (focus damage on one specific leg) the mutant
will fall over and you'll get a "Press circle to RIDE" prompt. This very
rarely happens because most people just gangbang the thing to death--no one
ends up getting to ride big red. 

Electrical Storm    [5YT5]
This event is specific to Battle Royale itself and it's literally just what it
sounds like. An electrical storm. If it strikes you, you get electrocuted.
Only occurs in the following levels:

Altambra Central Square
The Dive
Oil Rig
Oinkie's Casino

Pandemic    [5YTX]
A Battle Royale specific event where everyone but a select few (3-4 players)
gets poisoned by sickness and has their HP drained rapidly. The few lucky
players that don't get the sickness have the ability to heal players via
physical contact. A jab, anything. If you are poisoned try and let someone
with the cure jab you immediately, otherwise your HP bar is going to get
sapped and you only have Rampage / Running Away as an option. Shield does NOT
stop the sickness. Very dangerous event, if you have rampage and you see a lot
of low HP people. Give it a shot for chip damage kills. There are always like
minded people so be careful of rampage duels as well. The people with a cure
is designated by a needle next to their HP bar / name and the people with
sickness have a glowing purple mist around them.

OA system will prevent the sickness from draining HP as well, but as soon as
the bubble fades--if the sickness is still active it will resume draining.

Nanovirus  [5YTZ]
This is a slight variation to the Pandemic event in which only a few selected
players are poisoned and basically becames a game of poison-hot-potato. You
need to land a hit on an opponent to transfer the virus to them, and then get
the hell out of there so they don't pass it back to you. Virus drains HP

Bayside Bridge Bombing   [5YT6]
Another section-specific event. This only happens in the two city-scape levels
when all the action is taking place in the lower halves of each respective
level. This event CAN be annoying if you are trying to fight inside it but
otherwise its fairly simple to avoid letting it get the better of you. Sit
inside your guard. That's all. 

Jamming Drone  [5YT7]

Another Battle Royale specific mini-event. Random jamming drone (little ball
thingy) will spawn over your head and prevent use of your Killer Weapon
completely. Land a successful hit on someone else to transfer the drone.
Basically a miniature game of hot potato, drone explodes and kills the last
person it's active on.

Power Failure  [5YT8]
Temple Street / Hong Long area specific. This event shuts the power off in the
entire city and disables long-distance lock on making it extremely difficult
to fight ANYONE or ANYTHING. Not recommended trying to seriously take anyone
out with this active. Missile Launcher should still lock-on during this. Top
scoring players are highlighted with beams of light viewable from anywhere
around the map.

Enlightenment Array  [5YT9]
Another area specific event. This only activates if there is a lot of action
taking place in the middle section / tesla garden section of temple street. 
Large OHKO laser beam fires directly down the middle of temple street. Easy to
avoid. Not seen commonly. Specific to temple street.

Dragon Flamethrower  [5YT^]
Another area specific event. This only activates if there is a lot of action
taking place in the middle section of temple street, the fountain activates
and the dragon heads turn and spew fire. Not seen commonly. Specific to temple
street. Good for Fire characters as they recover from the status a lot quicker
than poison / ice / lightning.

Landmass Reconfiguration   [5YP1]
Uncommon event where a large portion of the level gets changed. New paths open
and lifts lead to different sections of the map. Specific to Altambra Central
Square and The Dive. Unsure if there is a specific set of events to force it
but the level mutations are a huge treat and should be made the most of /
enjoyed to the fullest. Only occurs with cutscenes set to "default" or "all."

Tornado  [5YP2]
Desert level specific event where a tornado rips through the main sections of
the map and transport you to an entirely different section of the map, with
the complete minimum amount of HP left. There are a few ways to get around the
actual tornado, it has a suction effect but all you need to do is stand near
the outer edges of the section of level you are in and you will be safe. Try
not to get sucked in at any cost. Rampaging enemies won't be sucked in. Try
and capitalize if you see people getting hit by it--especially in a big mode
like battle royale. Rampage for free kills.

Quicksand   [5YP3]
A map-section specific event. This only happens when there is a lot of action
taking place in the lower coliseum area. Large quicksand hole appears and will
try to absorb players. Slow characters will have difficulty running out so
keep your movement options in mind if you find yourself down. Rampage also
completely negates the damage effect but the quicksand will likely get them
before you can. De-activates itself after it eats someone or if a large amount
of time passes.

Oil Rig Fire  [5YP@]
A map-section specific event. This only happens when there is a lot of action
taking place inside the oil-rig itself. Red Alarms will go off and after a
short amount of time the oil rig will explode and the inside will be engulfed
in flames for a really long period of time.

Excavator   [5YP&]
Another map-section specific event, only occurs when there is a lot of action
taking place near a buzz-saw. Giant saw will activate and OHKO anyone it
comes into contact with. Rampagers are safe. Good event if you want to commit
suicide and prevent enemy team / opponent from getting a kill. Specific to
Oil Rig and Abandoned Mine.

The Drones     [5YP4]
These are pretty common occurences throughout any given mode. I'll come right
out and say it. They can be huge pains in the butts. Shooting you while you
are trying to fight, laser-beaming you. Just generally being pests. There are
a few reasons why you should pay these pesky little guys immediate attention
though. THEY HAVE A CHANCE TO DROP YOU ITEMS! It's easier to deal with them
immediately than to have them possibly screw up a kill, or mess up something
you were trying to do. 

Standard Drone: Basic drone with a semi-automatic rifle, will shoot and dodge
around. Low HP. Easily dealt with.

Barrier Drone: Better version of standard drone, has a large barrier in place
that can be broken with enough damage. Easier to grab them to death. Can be
extremely pesky. Medium HP.

Flying Drone: Basic flying drone with semi-automatic rifle, extremely pesky.
Use anti airs or throw-able objects to deal with them. These guys love to kill
steal and stun-lock you. Also throw grenades that explode, ignores guard.

Ninja Drone: This drone is more unique, he uses sword swipes and is really not
as aggressive as the previous 3 drones. Can turn invisible, High HP and has
a dodge that employs I-frames.

Laser Drone: The ultimate drone. This guy is your worst enemy or your best
friend. If you see one, beat it down until its glowing so you can carry him
like an item. If thrown or slammed to the ground it causes a mini nuclear
explosion dealing massive damage in a large radius around point of contact.
Left alone, they will use their laser cannons and raise some hell. Try not to
ignore them. High HP and fast dodges. Avoid using grabs to deal damage as you
might pre-maturely detonate him and waste a potential asset.

Assassination   [RS39]
Random player is selected for assassination mission, whoever defeats him gets
a point bonus and if you go the full 1:30 (One minute thirty seconds) without
being defeated, you get a 10,000 point bonus. Battle Royale specific.

Smuggling Operation  [RS49]
Announcer notifies everyone of smuggling operation taking place in the area,
player who grabs the suitcase and delivers it to the marked destination
receives a point bonus. Battle Royale specific.


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