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Can You counter a knife kill?

Before BF3 was released I remember reading that it would be possible to counter a knife kill if you pressed a button at the right moment during the animation. Is it still possible to do this in the full release?

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7thAce answered:

No, because most knife animations come from the back OR from the front if the guy with the knife has momentum. What you probably saw was from the singleplayer, and therefore a button press like God of War.

You can, however be saved or save someone from being knifed by immediately killing the guy who has the knife. This can be very hard to do.
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Sageypie answered:

Not sure if you can counter it yourself, but if you or your team is quick and accurate enough, then you can kill the guy doing the knifing during the animation and before the actual kill. Pulled it off a few times and have had it done to me. May just be a glitch for now though.
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Fatman322 answered:

I think you can counter it. I was being knifed, scared the crap out of me and I mashed a bunch of buttons. My gun went off and killed the guy knifing me. I was totally alone and there was no way any of my teammates could have shot the guy.
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