Question from beesmax

Asked: 2 years ago

Can I play multiplay offline on one console(like black ops)?

Like if my roomates and I buy it can we all play a multiplayer fight(offline)?

Note: I realize this game is meant for many more players but it seems that we would be able to fill that with bots in addition to the four of us. (We will not be able to go online).

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From: orbtastic 2 years ago

No, is the answer.

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I am not 100% sure on this but i do know that on Bad Company 2 you cannot even create a private match let alone offline multiplayer, so i am guesing this is the same.

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No, im sorry battlefield 3 doesnt support LAN and is strictly to the internet for multiplayer and co-op. unless you are good at modding console games this isnt possible.

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Nope. Battlefield is singleplayer and online only. It would be nice to have splitscreen though.

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Nope. the closest you can get, is if you are part of a clan that has their own private server. That is still over a network. (no private servers on 360) it is very hard to do lan on multiplayer games, because Like zeke said above, unless you are good at modding console.......

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