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All Unanswered Questions for Battlefield 3.

Quest/Puzzle Help Answers
How do I finish chapter "Go hunting"? 1
Can someone explain to me the ending of battlefield? 2

Other Help Answers
C you move all the weapons unlock from one profile to another? same console 0
How do I get my weapons I unlocked back again? 0
Is there a Match History for the Xbox 360? 0
Need Premium Maps? 0
Will I get the accessories when I buy the Assault Kit Shortcut? BF3 0
Battlefield 3: Back to Karkand assignments greyed out? 1
Battlelog Error ? 1
BF3 Tournament ?? 1
Can Any One Tell Me If This Game Is Any Good? 5
Can I modify Xbox 360 controller to mirror COD controls? 2
do I need all the multiplayer updates? 1
Does your copy of the Xbox 360 version have green and orange flashes? 3
How do you get the "third tour" achievement? 2
How do you know the size of the maps in the server browser ? 1
How to setup private match? 2
I can't do assignments? 2
I need a good team? 4
Respawn near team mate? 1
Subtitles? 1
What in the world is going on? 1
What is the date for the next DLC? 2
Whats the best way to pilot a heli? 2
When linking Xboxes, how many people can play on each individual xbox? 3
Why has my American unlockables disappeared? 2
Will Battlefield 3 have language settings? 3
Beta? 2
Bullet penetration through people? 2
Can I play multiplay offline on one console(like black ops)? 5
Can someone explain the weapon unlock system to me? 4
Can't get through window on train,keep falling off ? 4
Conquest Versions ? 1
Do I have to unlock attachments for every weapon anew? 1
Do you have an idea of the release date of the game will be? 2
Dog Tag's ? 1
EOD Bot? 1
How do i get the dinosaur dog tag? 1
How do I set up the Battlelog? 1
How is the single player mode? 2
How many service stars can a weapon and/or class have? 2
Is anyone else getting faile to connect to EA online. Please try again? 7
Is there a trick to getting the gunslinger achievement? 2
Is there a way to be in a private match with your friends? 3
Is this worth getting instead? 1
Makeing Custom Servers ??? 1
Pistol in campaign? 1
Ribbon Questions? 3
Saving Progress in Co-op? 1
So are the weapons team specific? 4
Want to play with me? 2
Weapon achievement? 1
What are "nemesis kills?" 4
What will battlefield 3 be rated? 5
Which one is it? 1
Will there be an hardcore mode for Battlefield 3? 6

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