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"Does anyone know why the h*** were here agian?"

Battlefield 3 is the follow in the trilogy of the series and is meant to compete against one of the most successful first person shooters of this generation. Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3. As I've played this game I have observed aspects of the game and I will share my opinion of this game WITHOUT comparing it to Mw3 because it isn't fair to compare this game to it.

Graphics: Using frostbite technology, Battlefield 3 paints a picture of high intense debris, spectacular explosives, and destruction. The graphics of the game are very detailed especially combining the downloadable hd content provided on the disk. The graphics are very realistic and provide a interesting war zone. The graphics step up very high compared to its predecessor Battlefield Bad Company 2 Vietnam. and BBC2V was a very detailed game. However I would say that some of the guns are a bit blocky but that doesn't take away from the beautiful environments set in this game.

Sound: In most FPS games sound is generally just guns, footsteps, and explosions. Here battlefield 3 is no exception. However Battlefield 3 has I think the most distinctive sound and the best sound (hands down) to come from an FPS game. The sound best replicates a war zone and all sound is satisfying to here. The echo is fantastic, bullet effects are spot on, and it gives you quite a thrill when you heard tiny footsteps come up right behind you...

Single Player Campaign: The campaign has drastically changed compared to the predecessor in terms of style and ideas. The campaign is told in 2 time frames compared to it being sequential in BC2. The first time frame take place as a interrogation prior to the events that unfold after. The second frame is the actual live events that happened. The interrogation is a questioning of a soldier who is in a connection of a terrorist plot that is suppose to happen that "day" in New York. The person interrogating him will release him if he cooperates and provides information of that situation. In terms of actually playing the game I do have some beef with it. As you play and progress the campaign you will find that there are a lot of annoyances and turn offs in the campaign. The campaign is rather generic and isn't very creative in terms of telling the story or the player interacting with the environment as much as I hoped. Teammates get in your way while shooting and a "Friendly Fire will not be tolerated" message will appear and if you shoot them to much by accident you will restart at your last checkpoint. This really ticks me off especially since I truly do not intend to shoot my own squad. The button pressing reaction I believe does not cut it in this kind of a game. It ruins the tempo and pace of a rather slower than typical fps game and making it slower doesn't make it any better. Another disappointment is the controlling of the plane. The only part you can control is the gunner which is relatively easier than flying the plane for those of us that wanted a challenge.

I think this campaign was heading in the general good direction and I know that in the future Dice will perfect there approach and formula will this games campaign and make it better. They applied several good aspects into the game and all they really need to do it is patch up things.


In terms of things you can play, there isn't that much to do. You have your typical rush and conquest which is objective based games and your Team Death match. I think that DICE should have added more modes and categories of play, such as CTF or some version of Juggernaut. Heck they could have added a variation of tag where 1 person is a zombie and the humans have to work together in order to not get infected. I think that the maps could have been improved as well. Some of the maps I believe are meant for 60+ players but are only filled with 20 people. I don't think this enough variety of maps and some maps definitely feel to empty. In terms of gameplay, I think its what the fans and gamers would buy this game for. The gameplay style is superb and is a solid formula; similar to the previous games. There are 4 types of classes which all have there special abilities such as the Engineer which has the ability to repair vehicles for the pilots. Leveling is based on experience and assisting your team, whether it be killing enemies or assisting them by healing. As you level you gain different abilities and weapons that could be used by customizing your character and letting your style of play run wild. Gameplay here will make you want to play that extra hour, over and over again.


Over I believe that Battlefield 3 has taken some risky roads but when they make the next battlefield, the formula will be improved and the turnoffs will be turnons. Over I believe that Battlefield 3 is a buy-worthy game with its amazing sound and graphics with its decent campaign and multiplayer.

Reviewer's Score: 8/10 | Originally Posted: 11/29/11

Game Release: Battlefield 3 (Limited Edition) (US, 10/25/11)

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