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How do I beat (rope beater)?

This guy is part of the boston brawler side mission. He counters everything. I've tried: regular attacks, stun then attack, counter- kill, counter- stun, counter-throw. Even rope dart which kills and you fail, smoke bomb but you only get one hit after.

Please help figure what combination to do damage.

ddavidd816 provided additional details:

Cool, I'll try it, thanks.

Accepted Answer

cctttt answered:

Use the enviroment around you to your advantage. I've beaten all the Boston Brawlers former champions and current once. If you press select and scroll down to logbook and direct your right stick right you are able to get more info which intern allows you to see specific agenders as well as info on how to beat certain npc.
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ross_gumbrell answered:

Each fighter can get hit in one specific way. Wait for him to attack, B to parry, then try either A, X, or B again. Im pretty sure rope beater its B, B to send him stumbling, then you can land 2 'X' attacks on him before he starts to block you again. Rinse, cycle, repeat
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cctttt answered:

For added note there is a glitch for the final tornament, where you are unable to see the map marker for the locarion. simply look for a building that is mostly square (it's large)in the North district of Boston, that is close to the docks/pier.
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