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How do you use the bow?!

So this game is astounding yet so damn frustrating. I have been discovering the fast travel locations in the underground of Boston, and there is one in particular that requires you to shoot a barrel. Now, I have a bow, obviously, yet no button actually allows you to shoot it. I shot guns just find during the opening, but this makes no sense. The only buttons that work are B and X and they only sheathe the weapon nothing allows it to shoot and It is enraging me so bad I am about to rage quit and punch the screen. HELP!!!!

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ehgameraz answered:

Hold RB and use the right stick to select Bow. Look for something to target. When a suitable target is in range (may need to use LT) your secondary weapon icon will light up. Hold Y and release.
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aust1819 answered:

As far as explosive barrels go though, you have to shoot them with a pistol. The bow will not cause them to explode. Again just use the RB and then the R stick to equip the gun. If it won't auto-target, then use LT to manually aim. If that still doesn't work, then you don't have a clear shot, and need to find a different angle.
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pacmanrulez answered:

To anyone still getting this glitch go here and keep the thread alive and hopefully ubisoft will do something about it

also check this video to confirm this is the type of glitch you are getting
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rafizard answered:

you must not be having a clear shot or it may not be in range of the bow. My bow shoots just fine
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