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All 7 Templar fort locations?

Where are the 7 Templar forts?

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deshwitat03 answered:

One is in the eastern part of Central Bosten near the docks. One in the South Western part of South Boston ( straight to the west from the place your recruit is) One in the Nort Eastern part of North New York near the entrence to the Borderlands. There are three in the border lands: one in the South West corner of Monmouth, one in the South West corner of the Scotch Plains, and one pretty mutch in the middle of Black Creek. Im not sure about the last but i Suspect it is the big fort in the West habour of West New York but for some reason it doesnt show on the map.( maybe you can only get that at a later point of the game???) anyway hope that helped.
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deshwitat03 answered:

Im sure now that the last fort is indeed the Big Fort in the West habour of West New York bot for some reason you dont get a qquick travel point there even after liberating it.
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