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How do I power the 3rd Animus power source?

I can not find a successful route to the 3rd animus. Can anyone help me please?

rralpheboy provided additional details:

Thank you for the response but I still can't get to it, I go up the broken set of spiraling staircases and still can not find away to the 3rd spot I can see the digital image of the woman walking across the platform where I need to get to however I don't yet see the available route, I'll just have to keep trying I bet it's something right in my face that I don't yet see.... argh!! so frustrating! lol

rralpheboy provided additional details:

ok I finally found it and just as I thought the passage was right in my face. Thanks for the help


aust1819 answered:

If you're talking about how to get to the third spot to insert the power source-Just run up the stairs to the right of the door when facing Shaun and the door. Continue following the path upwards and you should reach it. Note that this requires the usual jumping, climbing, and running that are prevalent throughout the entire game. The columns hanging from the ceiling with the yellow glow can be climbed on and shimmied around.
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