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What is the best way to expose powder stores during naval combat?

Trying to get full sync on naval missions, but can't seem to get a guaranteed tactic to expose enemy ships powder. Anyone know if alternating grapeshot / ramming does the trick...or something else to expose powder?

Sanjo_the_Banjo provided additional details:

Figured it out: chain shot all 3 ships and then ram them from the front (slightly off-center) at full sail to reveal powder stores.

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clenzor answered:

I used the chain shot to cripple them. Then I rammed the front of the boat at full speed without the ram upgrade and it exposed the weak spot. Cripple all three ships (if you are doing Of Giants and Storms). If you are trying to get 100% during the story mission with this, my ally exposed the weak spot and then I hit it.
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