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Asked: 2 years ago

How can i make/get more convoys?

I need to know this because i got a big stockpile of supplys in my homestead that i need to sell to make good money, please give me specific details on how to make/get more convoys, i've only done 2 convoys so far in the game the first ur told to do and a 2nd that was basicly the same afterwards.

Additional details - 2 years ago

Thank you MegaManZ3ro, the land convoys will help me, i only need to know how to make the naval convoys, once i know that things will be alot easier in the money department.

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You can craft more convoys from the ledger in the manor. Use one Oak Bark and one Oak Lumber in the crafting menu and assign a Woodworker to it for a Land Convoy.

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A Naval Convoy requires Bear Grease, Oak Bark, and Spruce Lumber.

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You can only have 3 convoys max. And I was about Hal way through it before I could make them but I don't know how to defend them.

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You need Lance (woodworker) on level 2 to make naval convoys.

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@Jgb-If you liberate every fort then the Red coats have no where really to be stationed at. So They are usually at the frontier.

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