Question from TsubaDude

Asked: 2 years ago

Dead chest chase?

I am having trouble catching the man who has the chart. I can complete all objectives except for catching him before he enters thats cave. Any idea what I can do differently to kill him and meet the objecctive

Accepted Answer

From: Crystalorbie 2 years ago

If you can't do what rx54 suggests, you can try what I did, which was go through the whole thing until you get to the part where the mast falls, then slide down that slope, land, and throw a poison dart or two at him.

Make sure that the darts are equipped and that afterwards you continue to chase and kill him anyways, as he still tries to walk into the cave afterwards.

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Submitted Answers


Just run as fast as you can and when you're sliding down near the end, when he is highlighted with a white border around him you need the push X to do an air assassination, like you do to enemies when you are on a roof above them.

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